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Introducing Virtuozzo IP Address Switcher!

Introducing Virtuozzo IP Address Switcher!

After a considerable amount of requests from you to ease up the IP change process, we are excited to introduce the Virtuozzo IP Address Switcher feature, which enhances Virtuozzo VPS flexibility and functionality!

Why Virtuozzo IP Address Switcher?

The ability to switch IP addresses can be necessary if you are working with different IP addresses on your VPS. Up until now, changing the primary IP address of an existing VPS was only possible by requesting support from our technical department.


How Does It Work?

Technically speaking, IP Address Switcher allows you to change the main VPS IP without performing a system reboot. Once the change made, all outgoing communications routed from the newly assigned IP address.


Virtuozzo IP Address Switcher feature enables you to manage and configure different IP addresses for your VPS and do so with only a few mouse button clicks.

Note: Pay attention that the IP Switcher feature is available only if you have more than one IP address assigned to your VPS.

We encourage everyone to visit our Feature Requests page if you have something up your sleeve and would like to see us implement it for everyone!

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