Expanding in Asia With the New PoP in Hong Kong

hong kong, Expanding in Asia With the New PoP in Hong Kong

Great news – Heficed has landed in Asia again. Now you can plan expanding your network and dedicated server infrastructure to Hong Kong, China. Not to mention doing it with low latency and higher quality connection via China Mobile ISP network. Fresh infrastructure and network location in Asia will be added to the solid list of already existing ones in Europe, Americas and Africa marking the 18th server location worldwide.

Server location in Hong Kong

Heficed new Proto Compute dedicated server location is strategically situated in one of Asia’s busiest centers for international finance, trade and connectivity. Hong Kong is the entry in and out of China that allows customers to access the dynamic Chinese market without a presence in the country. 

As demand for internet speed, capacity and security keeps rising, requirements on data centers are also becoming tougher which led us to partnership with China Mobile Tier1 ISP and DC provider. As a result, we have the highest resiliency, redundancy and low latency connectivity to mainland China as well.

Hong Kong is advantageous for IP resources dependent clients as well.  Heficed Switch IP management platform will be enriched via Asia regional IPv4 and IPv6 registry APNIC which is especially good news for our VPN providers giving more diverse IP address properties.

Future opportunities

We at Heficed always aim to develop long-lasting relationships with clients and help them expand their businesses on an international scale. Therefore, we stay focused on continuously unlocking new locations. Keep an eye on our upcoming news and discover further possibilities to scale to the major business areas around the globe.

Have any suggestions or requests for a specific server location? Join our public Slack channel and share your suggestions. Since some more big news are coming our way, Slack discussion participants will be the first ones to hear them!