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Wholesale Telcos / ISPs

Telcos and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can upsell more bandwidth while scaling their customers’ IP needs.


IP Brokers

IP brokers can keep their customers IP addresses (without selling them) and monetize IPv4 every month, getting revenue from unused IP resources.


Data Centers

More colocation or new locations – this is what Data centers can provide for their customers. However, it is crucial to have IP resources for that – here‘s where Heficed can help.


Hardware Suppliers

Hardware suppliers can always sell more hardware. Most of their customers can’t scale their business due to IP shortage. And again, Heficed will provide a required amount of IP resources.


SaaS Network Software

SaaS Network Software providers can scale their network and infrastructure by upselling their customers with IP resources.


Solution Providers

There are companies providing their customers with a variety of services: from data centers to servers and network, including IP addresses. To save their money and reduce solution delivery time, Heficed will help with IP resources.

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SaaS / API

Hardware Suppliers / Solution Providers

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Want to scale your business with the help of solid amount of IPv4, professional IT network and infrastructure services? You should consider developing a partnership with Heficed!

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