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Network infrastructure platforms and solutions all under one interactive user-interface.


Global Presence

Creating a network presence in the global market place has never been more straightforward. All of our solutions, including IP Address Market, Kronos Cloud and Proto Compute are entirely API driven, and Heficed’s Terminal is the centralized hub that enables local access on a global scale to quickly become a reality for organizations.


Automated Provisioning

The provisioning process using Terminal could not be more straightforward and follows a structured implementation format launched from the main dashboard. An integrated knowledge center and news section provide additional help and advice to system users.

Choose Your Server Type _


Creation of virtual cloud servers is through our Kronos Cloud platform. Here you can set up backup schedules and templates that include the choice of global data center location, Linux or Windows operating system with additional choices that include CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.


Bare metal servers for critical intensity workloads require provisioning through our Proto Compute platform. The installation of these physical servers is just as straight forward. Choose a billing period, data center location, server configuration, the type of internet connection required configured via Heficed Connect and the type of SLA you wish to cover your type of operation.

Choose Your Network _

If you’re looking to monetize your unused IPv4 addresses, then our IP Address Market solution is the ideal platform to undertake this. With complete subnet management, transparency and guaranteed blacklist protection, load your IPv4 addresses and receive monthly payouts when other marketplace members use your IPs.


Our custom connectivity solutions provide a means of planning, tracking, and managing the Internet Protocol address space used within our networks.


Manage & Control Your Data Traffic _


Create as many virtual machines as your Organization requires for short or long term demands. Kronos Cloud provides simple resource management, including full root access, up to 2048 blacklist free IP addresses and hourly billing.


With Proto Compute you can customize your hardware architecture to suit your changing requirements.

Manage & Control Your DNS _

Terminal comes with full DNS Management to point and manage DNS zones for domain names within both Kronos Cloud and Proto Compute. Transfer and manage your domains or add new ones to any of your services.


The user-interface for reverse DNS records facilitates bulk upload and deletion of both IPv4 or IPv6 and maintains event logs for all system transactions.


Manage Your Billing _


Use our simple billing portal to add regular funds to your account, or check your hourly or monthly billing. Set the most convenient payment method and change it anytime, according to your preferences.


We accept up to 50 cryptocurrencies for those of our clients who prefer crypto-payments.

Manage Your Security _

Customize times, formats and fonts along with managing passwords, users and roles within the account through the IAM and Security console. Terminal offers three user roles, entirely controlled by the client.


Heficed provides full support through news, articles and an efficient 24/7 ticket system. Additionally, we invite all of our customers to join our public Slack channel community.


Manage Your API Connections _

All of Heficed’s solutions are entirely API driven. Sellers, buyers and intermediaries can interrogate any of our services over our API, with automatic provisioning to every platform.

Terminal provides full support for publishing API keys along with full documentation.

Explore Heficed _

Registration is Free, No Commitment is Required.

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