Heficed is the new name of Host1Plus_

Heficed /ˈhɛfʌɪst/ is a natural evolution of Host1Plus, which previously offered a full range of network, infrastructure and datacentre services. 

Continuing to offer infrastructure and advanced network engineering services, Heficed also focuses on the unique IP address provisioning platform. Heficed has developed Switch – the world’s first automated IP address and network engineering platform.

, Heficed is the new name of Host1Plus

Kronos Cloud

Easily scalable virtual machines, running with multiple IP addresses. Empowering you with compute and IP address resources, available at any time.
, Heficed is the new name of Host1Plus

Proto Compute

Dedicated servers are customized for the most demanding businesses. Powerful bare metal powered with IP address pool, stability, and data security.
, Heficed is the new name of Host1Plus

Switch (IP address management)

Geo-located, reliable and instantly available IP address blocks to bring your business the highest levels of performance.

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