Host1Plus Now Accepts 50+ Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies, Host1Plus Now Accepts 50+ Cryptocurrencies

With the increased usage of digital currency, Host1Plus started accepting payments with 50+ cryptocurrencies. Not only this helps us to get closer to our clients but makes the whole payment process easier and faster for both sides as well.

Joining the global companies like Microsoft and Paypal that are accepting crypto-payments, we at Host1Plus believe that virtual currency is a must for future business. Cryptocurrencies are appreciated by individuals and businesses as a highly secure and easy accessible payment gateway, not regulated by institutions and government.

What cryptocurrencies can you use?

Even though there’s a growing demand, the payments via cryptocurrencies are not widely accepted yet. To make it easier for our clients who prefer digital currency, we’ve made it possible with 50+ different virtual currencies.

You are welcome to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, ZCash and many others.

What are the benefits?


  • Highly secured – Crypto transactions are secured using a combination of cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone else make a payment from the owner’s wallet.


  • Fast and easy transaction – There are no international fees and currency exchange, that would make the whole payment process more complicated. Cryptocurrency makes global payments fast and simple, as they are not being regulated by institutions and government.


  • Easily accessible – Functioning through its medium, the Internet, virtual currencies provide simpler access, unlike the traditional financial systems. Cryptocurrency allows everyone to access it. All one needs is a mobile phone and an internet connection.


  • Private – Paying with digital currency gives you privacy. Since it is decentralized, your identity or location is not required to share. No third party is involved in the payment process.


  • Minimum (or no) transaction fees – There is no third party involvement, hence, there are no transaction fees or they are very low in comparison to standard payment gateways.



The virtual currencies bring global transitions to another level – they are secure, super fast and unaffected by any fees or governmental regulations. In order to build trust and transparency, we at Host1Plus are happy to embrace a solid addition to the existing payment methods.