Host1Plus Sponsorship Program Successfully Launched!

Sponsorship, Host1Plus Sponsorship Program Successfully Launched!

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has announced the launch of a sponsorship program, dedicated to help online community projects and promote innovative ideas

This week Host1Plus has launched a sponsorship program to support online community projects. As announced, the range of supported initiatives covers arts and culture, sports, environment, health and wellness, social communities, open source, education, science and research, non-profit and charity projects.

The company claims that support for  worldwide initiatives is aimed at creating opportunities, building communities, promoting education and innovation.

„A healthy business cannot develop without contributing to projects and ideas in global communities. We truly believe in people with bright ideas. With the right resources and support, anyone can make a change for the better, therefore we are ready to help“ – says Andrius Kazlauskas, the co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus.

The company will contribute to the sustainability of each project and will make sure that the selected participants maintain their projects up and running.

As of today, Host1Plus is a proud sponsor of these open source projects – Fedora, CentOS, Chakra – and a supporter of non-profit charitable organization – Maisto Bankas.

To participate in the program, the applicants must provide full details about their project in the online application form. A short description of the project and a brief note about its specific needs are also required. The company will consider each application and if it fully meets the requirements of the program, the applicants will receive the help they need.

The new sponsorship program is already available on the website and all inquiries regarding the application may be sent directly to