Host1Plus Switches to Enterprise Hardware, Reveals First Location

Hardware, Host1Plus Switches to Enterprise Hardware, Reveals First Location

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces the renewal of hardware in multiple service locations, starting from Chicago, Illinois

Earlier this month, Host1Plus has announced the outset of hardware improvement in all locations, starting with the data center in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was chosen as the primary collocation in North America because of stable environmental conditions and low risk of natural disasters, as well as low latency across the region, major peering exchanges in and around Chicago and, most importantly, world-class data center facilities. The exact dates of other location hardware upgrades are yet to be known and will be announced later this year.

The data center in Chicago has already been supplemented with renewed hardware that is expected to bring greater connectivity, latency and reachability levels for the customers in North America. Upgrades include dual 10Gbps uplinks to the world, DDR4 ECC Memory, NVMe backed distributed storage and Xeon E5 2620 V3 processors. The changes will result in enhanced levels of network uptime, faster disk I/O and the users will benefit from latest central processing units.

Aistis Zenkevičius, the CTO of Host1Plus, believes that the stagnation in the hosting market is always the cause of business perdition. “We remain strongly committed to providing first-class service. Continuous hardware improvement and networking infrastructure updates are essential for keeping up with the promise and bring higher customer satisfaction. As a part of this effort, all current users are being migrated to new hardware at no additional cost or downtime.”

This year Host1Plus continued rapid development. However, in reaction to customer demand in markets around the world, the company repositioned in South America and announced the plans to expand its services to Asia by opening a new location in Hong Kong.