How to Exceed Customer Service Expectations?

customer service, How to Exceed Customer Service Expectations?

Aiming to serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, Host1Plus is especially focused on performance and reliability. With an increasing number of enquiries, we put a lot of effort to keep our clients happy.

Lately, we have introduced the new Service Level Agreement (SLA) and empowered our clients to control the technical support level and service efficiency depending on their business needs. Highly skilled Host1Plus customer service agents devote themselves to vouch for customer successful environment by continuous learning, dedication and passion for work.

However, there are more areas we constantly improve to exceed our customer service expectations.


Žilvinas Vaičkus, Head of Infrastructure and Support at Host1Plus believes empathy is the customer service rule number 1. Great support can be identified with the feeling when the agent genuinely understands you, cares about the problem and tries to find a solution, rather than giving you a robotic, generic response.

customer service, How to Exceed Customer Service Expectations?

Talking about the customer service agent personality, Žilvinas adds time management, good product knowledge, deep tech knowledge, clear communication and passion for learning to the list. A professional customer service agent is also able to “read” clients, their current emotional state and a potential problem they’re dealing with.

Deep Knowledge

Technically challenging tickets are always solved quickly and effectively because of high professionalism and continuous learning. Is it possible to maintain continuous improvement at its highest level? Žilvinas names three most important fields that he keeps under careful observation: compute resources, storage and network.

Following the particular fields and improving accordingly is as important as passing on the knowledge inside the team. Host1Plus Customer Service specialists communicate internally – not only about the most common problems their clients contact them about but also about the latest industry trends and custom solution architecture.


Our technical support specialists believe it is crucial to stay proactive – in case ticket resolution time takes more time, the client should always be informed of the progress. Also, the team is responsible for managing the Host1Plus knowledge base, leading to better customer experience and empowering them with self-service to handle minor issues.

We noticed that efficient communication leads to higher customer satisfaction level – nothing makes our customer service agents happier than an efficiently resolved ticket and a positive client feedback afterwards. According to Žilvinas, clients rated our Technical Support 4,3 out of 5,0 on average in the second quarter of 2018.

customer service, How to Exceed Customer Service Expectations?

Custom Solutions Architecture

„Our clients is the main reason why we‘re here,“ says the Head of Infrastructure and Support at Host1Plus. „We love them and want to solve their problems.“

Although not every submitted customer service ticket is supposed to be a problem – we are glad to provide our clients with an advice or discuss a potential partnership. Often times clients are not satisfied with the service itself, rather than a lack of some feature or feature combinations.

Again, the communication is crucial, since our Customer Service specialists not only can assist you by building a custom solution but provide you with an expert advice as well. We are also grateful for our clients‘ honest feedback and ideas they provide.

All Together

Žilvinas, the Head of Infrastructure and Support at Host1Plus, says the most important goals for the technical support are to develop a professional attitude towards our existing and potential clients and strive for even quicker and more effective response.

The combination of the right attitude, professional communication and continuous learning can do magic – it not only leads us to higher professionalism and higher customer satisfaction level but brings new ideas and valuable feedback as well.