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IP Address Market for IPv4 Lease & Monetization


IPv4 lease marketplace that helps to monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem.

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Lease IPv4 Resources

Scale worldwide with IP addresses from the Heficed IP Address Market. Connect your IP addresses to cloud servers or bare metal all under one platform.

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Find Subnets from /8 to /32

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Filter Subnets by RIR or Data Center Location

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Easily Manage Your Leased IP Addresses (IPAM)

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Deploy Subnets on Your Chosen Infrastructure

Monetize Your Free IPv4

With Heficed’s IP Address Market platform, you can quickly upload your unallocated IPv4 resources and have them available to monetize in minutes.

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Import Subnets via LOA or ROA

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Set the Subnet Price Yourself

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Get Monthly Payouts via PayPal or Bank Transfer

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Choose the Heficed Stack or Deploy on Your Infrastructure


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Open Up Global Opportunities

RIR subnets

Any RIR IPv4 Subnets

Geo-located, reliable, and instantly available address blocks to bring your organization the highest levels of performance. No matter where you’re looking to establish your business, we can provide IPv4 capacity in any of the five regional internet registries.


Full rDNS Management

Automated provisioning is a major feature of our IP address management platform, including the implementation of rDNS on all subnets selected, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding data gathering organizations and ISP providers.

your preferred location

Your Preferred Location

Heficed currently has seventeen premium infrastructure locations. Eight of these are owned directly with more planned to be added shortly, plus an additional nine partnered POPs strategically placed around the globe.


BGP Management

Our bespoke integrated intelligent BGP management solution effortlessly scales dynamic routing policies, and, provides huge efficiencies during custom ISO deployment. Misconfigurations and routing instabilities are eliminated.

IP Address Market White Paper

An 11 page document that explores the history of the IPv4 exhaustion and the subsequent potential for the monetization of unallocated IPv4 addresses through the world's first IP Address Market.

Resource Library

Browse Resource Library to receive advice and answers about Heficed network and infrastructure solutions.

Monetize Unused IPv4 Resources _

IPv4 – The Hidden Business Assets That Will Add To Your Bottom Line

monetize IPv4

Monetize Your Free IPv4

Unallocated IPv4 resources can be monetized with Heficed’s IP Address Market platform. With an easy setup, you can quickly upload your IPv4 assets and have them available to monetize in minutes.


IPv4 for Market Price

Supply and demand dictate pricing for most of the world’s resources, and that includes IP Addresses. You can be sure that your IPv4 assets will be priced correctly, maximizing their financial potential to the fullest extent.


Full Automation & Control

Heficed’s IP Address Market platform provides complete transparency with an easy to use dashboard, a full suite of reports, and automatic payment cycles. You just upload and let Heficed take care of the rest.


RPKI Verification

Heficed is committed to RPKI verification standards providing better route security of its custom-built BGP platform. We are excellently positioned to improve global routing security through the implementation of our intelligent software.

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24/7 Support

Uninterrupted support service helps your business grow: Heficed team of experts are available 24/7.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Free and extended SLA plans with additional capabilities. They include different technical support levels and system backups.

Heficed RESTful API

Directly access web control panel functionality and benefit from advanced networking features.

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Registration is Free, No Commitment is Required.

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