Introducing IPv4 & IPv6 Bulk Reverse DNS Records

reverse dns, Introducing IPv4 & IPv6 Bulk Reverse DNS Records

New highly requested feature is finally launched – we are glad to introduce you to bulk reverse DNS records for IPv4 and IPv6.

Listening to our customers’ requests, we are expanding the DNS Management panel in Host1Plus Client Area – from now on the bulk upload feature for IPv4 and IPv6 rDNS records is available.

Contrary to DNS (the Internet’s Domain System) method, reverse DNS maps IP addresses back into their host names. In order to avoid ISPs blocking your email, it is crucial to own valid reverse DNS records.

Incoming emails from IP addresses, not identifying themselves with a PTR record in a rDNS zone, will be rejected by email servers and go directly to junk mail. To prevent this from happening, our customers can now benefit from even more convenient and time-saving rDNS record management. From now on, setting multiple pointer records at the same time is available in our Client Area.

reverse dns, Introducing IPv4 & IPv6 Bulk Reverse DNS Records


To get started with the Reverse DNS Records management for IPv4 and IPv6 bulk upload, follow the brief guide below:

Step 1: Log into Host1Plus Client Area.

Step 2: Open the DNS Management panel and click on Reverse DNS Records.

Step 3: Select IPv4 or IPv6 bulk upload.

Step 4: Upload a text file with following CSV format: address, content, ttl (ttl is an optional parameter). Set the file name to PTR.

Step 5: After the text file is successfully uploaded, you will find the rDNS record status in your Task Journal (pending when it is being processed and completed when it is done). Keep in mind that you have to bulk upload reverse DNS records separately for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

This new time-efficient tool provides you with faster and more convenient reverse DNS records management, as the bulk upload function applies the records for multiple entries at the same time.