BGP: Limitations

BGP limitations: by default, the smallest subnet that you can move to another location is /24.

If you have a /24 subnet or a larger one, you can easily move it across our infrastructure. You can find all available locations here.

Note that this is not a limitation of our system. This is simply how the Internet and BGP limitations work.

All smaller subnets can only be used in their specified locations.

For example, we have a server in Frankfurt, and we order a /30 that is announced in Chicago, as shown below.

Order new subnets menu in Heficed's Terminal to find and select IP subnets.

In this case, we cannot assign the subnet to our server in Frankfurt since the IP range can only be used in Chicago. If you click Assign, the system will fail to detect any available servers, and it will not let you select, as shown below.

Assign IP addresses pop-up asking to select the server that assigns IPs.

To solve this issue, you can order a different subnet announced in Frankfurt, or you can order a Cloud Hosting or Bare Metal server in Chicago.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact our customer support by creating a ticket via the Terminal > Support > Tickets > Submit.

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