How To Split Subnets

The IP Address Market platform has implemented a new feature related to the BGP routing protocol. This feature allows splitting your subnets into smaller parts.

Subnets that are equal to or larger than /24 can be migrated to other Heficed server locations. Smaller subnets, on the other hand, can only be used in the same location and cannot be migrated.

Follow these steps to learn how to split your subnet.

1. Log in to the Terminal and go to Additional IPs > IPAM.

Additional IPs menu shortcut highlighted in Heficed's Dashboard.

2. Identify the subnet that you wish to split, click the vertical ellipsis icon and click Split.

Main subnet list with the Split button highlighted in Heficed's Subnets menu.

3. Under CIDR, choose how to divide the subnet.

CIDR options in Heficed's Split subnets menu.

4. Click Split.
NOTE: Your subnet will be split using the so-called “tree structure.”

Split button in Heficed's Splin into menu.

5. To see the divided subnets, go back to the Subnets list and click your subnet.

Main subnets list in Heficed's Subnets menu.

Once your subnet is divided, you can start using it immediately.

List of split subnets in Heficed's Subnets menu.

If you face any issues when trying to split the subnets, feel free to submit a ticket to our customer support team: Terminal-> Support -> Cases -> Submit a Ticket.
Alternatively, you can send us an email:

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