What Is Subnet Availability in the Additional IPs Section?

You can set subnet available regions when adding or editing a subnet in the Additional IPs section. Of course, if you have listed your subnet in the market, you cannot edit it while a client rents it.

The Available regions field states in which locations the buyer will be able to use the rented IP addresses. Heficed clients can choose from available locations.

If all regions are selected, the subnet you bring will roam across all geographical regions where Heficed has a PoP (Point of Presence) infrastructure.

However, if you choose to disable a specific RIR, the IP address range will become unavailable for any service in that region.

A list of Available regions for subnets and Heficed IP Address Market users.

NOTE: You cannot disable the original RIR of your subnet.

If you face any issues with setting subnet availability or other topics, feel free to submit a ticket to our customer support team: Terminal-> Support -> Cases -> Submit a Ticket.
Alternatively, you can send us an email: support@heficed.com

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