Feature request reporting with Heficed

The voice of the customer is what helps Heficed become a better product. We invite you to share your insights and help us make Heficed services better and easier for you to manage.

This guide will show you how to submit feature requests on Heficed and upvote for a feature to give it a higher priority.


Heficed roadmap gives you an overview of all submitted feedback and what the teams are currently working on. You will notice four main categories for your feedback:

  • Feature requests – contain any feature requests related to the platform, hardware & network performance.
  • Datacenters – hold requests related to new DC locations.
  • Integrations – all requests related to third-party integrations.

Under Review status contains all submitted feature requests that we are considering. All features currently in the planning stage will be under Planned status. In Progress you will see everything that the teams are already developing and fixing.

Submitting a new feature request

To submit a new feature request, find the Support tab in the Heficed Terminal and click Feature request.

A new window for Feature requests will open, asking you to Create a Post. Just write a title for your feature and provide some details for the team. You will also see the already submitted requests on your right 👇

With every status change and new comments related to your feature request, you will receive an email notification.

Upvoting for features

The more votes on the feature request, the better priority it gets. You will notice a number next to each of the submitted requests. Hit the number to add your vote!


The changelog is where you will find all the recent updates the team has implemented.

Keep an eye on it to be up to date with the new and improved product releases, hardware & network updates, bug fixes, and more.

Have any questions? Our support team is ready to chat via the Slack Community or at support@heficed.com.

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