Changes in subnet listing after the launch of IPXO

We are extremely excited to share that at the beginning of August 2021 we are launching our very own IP addresses marketplace IPXO!  IPXO is the first in the industry marketplace to help monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem. IPXO vision is to enable IP monetization and lease platform development as well as connect the various Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) across the globe, making IPv4 leasing and monetization the industry standard.

IPXO platform

What new will it bring?

During the launch of IPXO currently unleased subnets will be moved out of Heficed and transferred to IPXO marketplace. The complete migration from Heficed to IPXO will be fully completed in a couple of months. 
For as seamless as possible use of the newly launched IP addresses marketplace, you will be able to use your Heficed email to log in to IPXO to continue the operations.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please join our Slack community, contact our Customer Support team via Live Chat or at

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