How to delegate nameservers in AFRINIC?

If you are planning to lease your subnet (sometimes also called as IP range or prefix) on Heficed’s IP Address Market, you would first need to change the delegation for this prefix to Heficed’s nameservers, which would enable rDNS to be controlled via Terminal.

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Here are the steps of creating delegations if your IP address was issued by AFRINIC RIR:
STEP 1. Firstly, you need to login to the AFRINIC portal at

STEP 2. Proceed to access Resources -> Reverse Delegation

Reverse delegation in AFRINIC

STEP 3. Expand the desired subnet:

Reverse delegation. Expand subnet in AFRINIC

STEP 4. Click on ‘Add Reverse Delegation’

Add reverse delegation

STEP 5. Fill in all the required details and make sure that you specify these Heficed nameservers in AFRINIC portal:
This will allow your IP range rDNS to be managed from the Heficed Terminal.

Add nameservers

After completing all the steps, your nameservers delegation in AFRINIC should be successful!

If you face any issues when trying to delegate nameservers, feel free to submit a ticket to our customer support team: Terminal-> Support -> Cases -> Submit a Ticket.
Alternatively, you can send us an email:

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