How to delegate nameservers in ARIN?

If you are planning to lease your subnet (sometimes also called as IP range or prefix) on Heficed’s IP Address Market, you would first need to change the delegation for this prefix to Heficed’s nameservers, which would enable rDNS to be controlled via Terminal.

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  1. Login to ARIN Account Manager portal:
ARIN account manager

2. Click on your Networks either directly via Dashboard link or through menu option IP Addresses -> Search

View and manage your networks

3. For a prefix of interest in “View & Manage Network” click “Actions” drop down and select “Manage Reverse DNS”

Network information

4. Select the Delegation, which is going to be announced on HEFICED network and click “Modify Nameservers”

Manage reverse DNS

5. Set Nameservers to: and keeping default TTL. Click Apply to All

Selected delegations

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