How to delegate nameservers in RIPE?

If you are planning to lease your subnet (sometimes also called as IP range or prefix) on Heficed’s Additional IPs section, you would first need to change the delegation for this prefix to Heficed’s nameservers, which would enable rDNS to be controlled via Terminal.

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Here are the steps of creating delegations (creating domain objects) if your IP address was issued by RIPE RIR:

  1. Firstly, you need to login to the RIPE portal at
  2. Open RIPE database by clicking “Manage IPs and ASNs” and then selecting “RIPE Database”
Manage IPs and ASNs at RIPE

3. Select “Create an Object”

Database Updates at RIPE

4. Select “domain” object type, click “Create”

Object type > domain

5. Select your maintainer (if not autoselected), type your prefix (e.g.

Create domain objects window

6. After typing the prefix, if everything is ok (if the maintainer controls the prefix, the domain object is not already created and the prefix is not smaller than /24) the other fields will appear, you need to create two nserver entries and type these nameservers in the RIPE dashboard:

Please note that if you are adding a subnet of /23 to the Additional IPs section (or larger) multiple /24 domain objects should be created (/23 = 2 * /24; /22=4*/24;…).

Enter the maintainers you would like to use as mnt-by

Afterward, set the admin and technical contacts and click “Submit”.

If you followed the instructions, the domain object should be successfully created and nameservers are delegated to the RIPE. Yet if you faced any issues disabling you from creating a domain object, you can submit a ticket via Terminal, or write us to with screenshots and descriptions of the problem and we will help you deal with those issues.

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