How to lease your IP subnet in the IP Address Market?

IP Address Market – a great platform that allows individuals and companies to easily lease and monetize their owned IP resources.
This article will explain how to add a subnet to the Heficed IP Address Market.

Important! Before proceeding, make sure that your IP range is ready to be leased in the Market. This article will help you to achieve it: How to prepare your subnet?

STEP 1. Access Heficed Menu -> IP Address Market -> Lease

Terminal dashboard

STEP 2. It is possible to choose between two ways of authorizing your IP range – Route Origin Authorization (ROA) and Letter of Authorization (LOA).

ROA) Enter your subnet and click on ‘Validate’. Our system will check if this range is valid automatically.
LOA) Enter your subnet and make sure to fill in correct and valid information in the ‘Subnet’s registrant’ field. Our agents will manually review and verify your provided LOA.

STEP 3. At the ‘Subnet setup’ step, it is required to specify certain details about your IP range.

  1. Manage subnet availability by selecting Regional Internet Registries (RIR), this specifies in which locations it will be possible to use your subnets.
  2. The next step is to set the minimum and maximum split sizes of your subnet.
  3. Lastly, set the desired expiration date. This will define how long your IP range will be visible in the Market.

STEP 4. Set pricing for your subnets and possible split sizes. Here you can find more information about pricing and payouts.

STEP 5. At the final step, verify if all the details are correct. Accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy only after carefully reading through these documents.

After submitting your subnet, it will have a ‘Pending’ status. Once your IP range is verified, it will be publicly visible in the IP Address Market!

Here is a short video demonstrating the above-mentioned steps:

Add IP addresses to marketplace

If you have any further questions, make sure to contact our customer support team at

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