How to prepare your subnet for IP Address Market?

If you want your subnet to be verified in Heficed’s IP Address Market, it is required to prepare your IP range for it. You can find all the required verification steps below:

Note: some of the changes described below need the subnet to be placed in IP Address Market for validation, thus it is best to start this process by registering at Heficed Terminal, adding the IPs to the market, and doing the changes described below as the validation proceeds.

STEP 1. Abuse contact (abuse-c) in WHOIS has to be visible as
You can learn how to set abuse contact in each RIR:

STEP 2. IP range has to be delegated to our nameservers: and
(this step requires the range to be placed in IP Address Market before doing the changes).
More information on the procedure can be found below:

STEP 3. Make sure that your subnet is not listed in any of the abuse blacklists. Heficed IP Address Market will only accept clean IP ranges.
If your subnet is blacklisted, proceed to remove it from the list before applying it to the Market.
There are multiple websites where you can inspect your IP ranges and here are a few examples:

STEP 4. Heficed’s goal is to make the leasing of the IPs as fast and easy as it can be so that the clients and you would be more satisfied and engaged with the platform. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to automate the supervision and the preparation of the subnets. To do that we need you to edit your subnets whois (for subnets you have placed in the IP Address Market) and add our maintainer as mnt-lower, mnt-routes, mnt-domain attribute to provide access to automate IP resource management or if possible add us as mnt-by.

More information on the procedure can be found below:

Additional information

When using LOA as your verification option, make sure to include that you allow your subnet/prefix to be announced under our ASN (AS61317) by our company (Digital Energy Technologies Limited) in your Letter of Authorization.

If you choose to use ROA and want your subnet to have network redundancy with load balancing in the Chicago location, LOA will also be required. The reason for this is that some Internet Service Providers require LOA to accept IP ranges.

These steps will help you to prepare your subnet for IP Address Market.
Have any further questions? Feel free to create a Ticket or contact us directly at or just use our live chat!

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