How to remove Heficed credentials from IP in AFRINIC (IP Owner)

The procedure to fully remove Heficed credentials from AfriNIC.

Login to your AFRINIC account .

How to Remove/Change Abuse-C

STEP 1. On the top of the menu go to Resources and select IPv4 Resources.

Select IPv4 Resources at AFRINIC dashboard

STEP 2. On the IPv4 Resources select the IP block and Expand it.

List of addresses

STEP 3. In the assignment, you can either click on the middle Edit button and change information or you can Delete it by pressing the X button.

edit or remove

STEP 3.1. If you decided to edit you have to Change the Netname, Description, WHOIS Contacts fields, and Whois Remarks to your own.

STEP 3.1.1. Netname and Description which describes your prefix change from “Heficed” to your company name.

STEP 3.1.2. WHOIS Contact delete or change “ZV1-AFRINIC”.

STEP 3.1.3. WHOIS Remarks” delete or change.

fill the form at AFRINIC

STEP 3.2. Click on the Update button.

How to Remove ROA, Route Object (IRR)

STEP 1. Go to Resources and select Resource Certification.

Choose Resource Certification

STEP 2. Choose View ROA‘s.

View ROAs

STEP 3. Find in the list a ROA name (AS61317) you want to remove and click on it.

remove ROA

STEP 4. To remove ROA click the Revoke button.

Click REvoke button

STEP 5. Go to Resources and select IRR.


STEP 6. In the Route section select the IP block and Expand it.

Select route

STEP 7. Find in the list an IP Range with AS61317 and click Delete.

select and click delete

How to Remove/Change the nameserver

STEP 1. Go to Resources and select Reverse Delegation.

Reverse Delegation

STEP 2. On the Reverse Delegation select the IP block and expand it.

Addresses list

STEP 3. Select the right Domain from the reverse delegation list and Delete it with the X Button or you can change the nameserver to your own by pressing the edit button in the middle.

Select and delete domains

STEP 3.1. If you chose to edit file change. Change our nameserver to your own and other details that have Heficed information (of course if you have put in.) When you are done click Update and you‘re done.

NOTE! our nameservers are and

Change name servers

Congratulations, you have successfully removed all Heficed credentials from AFRINIC.

Thank you for using the Additional IPs section!

If you need any help, you can reach out to Support by creating a Ticket

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