How to take away Heficed IPs (TAIP) to your infrastructure?

It is possible to use IP addresses purchased from our market outside of Heficed Infrastructure. Here is how you can achieve it:

First, make sure that Reassignment is allowed for your subnet. This can be done by navigating to Terminal -> Additional IPs -> IPAM -> Subnet Options -> Details

Take away Heficed IPs. Subnets list
Subnet setup

If subnet reassignment is disallowed, consider ordering a new IP range that can be reassigned. The reassignment option is displayed when ordering a new range:


Once you are ready, follow these simple steps to take away the IPs.

STEP 1. Navigate to IPAM in your Terminal and proceed to ‘Assign‘ the range in question.

IP Address Market>>IPAM>>Assign

If you need to assign more than one subnet you can select multi subnets at once. In that case, you will pay the LOA fee only once.

Select items

Important! If you decide to assign subnets separately you will be charged for every single assignment.

STEP 2. Select ‘Reassign to specified AS‘ and proceed to fill in the ‘AS Number‘ field with your AS number. The system will automatically detect the AS Organizations.

It is also possible to add multiple ASN numbers by using the ‘Add row‘ button.

If it is the first time you are reassigning the subnet, it will be required to complete the Declaration of Usage questionnaire. If that is the case, press on ‘Fill declaration‘.

Reassign to specified AS

Important! If you require ROA (-s) and Route Object (-s) to be created, make sure to select at ‘Additional actions needed for the transferable subnet (-s)’ section.

If you entered a valid AS number and have completed the questionnaire, the button ‘Assign‘ will be active and allow you to proceed further.

In case you have any issues with AS Numbers/Organizations or Declaration of Usage questionnaire, make sure to create a Ticket or contact

STEP 3. After proceeding further, a new invoice will be created to cover the reassignment fee.

Once the invoice is paid, the system will generate an LOA document that you will be able to download from the IPAM page:

Click LoA

Additionally, you may access details to see more information about the subnet:

Information about subnets

Congratulations! Now you may forward this document to your Internet Service Provider so they could accept the announcement of your subnet.

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