Initial IP reputation check

Heficed only allows clean IP ranges to be brought to the Additional IPs section, thus, newly added IP addresses are scanned through more than 90 blocklists and abuse databases to ensure that the end-user would be receiving healthy IP addresses.

How does IP reputation check work?

Once a customer brings their IP addresses to the market, several verification checks have to be passed in order for the IP range to be validated:

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) / Route Origin Authorization (ROA)
  • Heficed BGP configuration
  • Heficed upstream configuration
  • Abuse (abuse-c) contact
  • Reverse DNS delegation

After all the checks above prove acceptable, the initial IP reputation verification begins to scan the range for any IP addresses that are in a poor health state. If the system detects blocklisted/abusive IP addresses, the reputation check will fail.

If the initial IP reputation check fails, you will be contacted by our Abuse Department to resolve this situation. Otherwise, the IP range will be successfully added to the market.

If any further questions arise, feel free to contact us by writing an email to or by creating a Ticket.

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