LoA vs. LoA-A

Recently a new document was introduced into the Heficed IP reallocation system – LoA Assignment document.

What is it?

LoA Assignment document is issued when the subnet is placed in the market (if reallocation is allowed). The document gives Heficed (also known as IPXO UK LTD) the authority to issue LoAs on behalf of the owner of the IP resources.

This makes the reallocation process easier and faster, as together with the LoA (issued by DET) the LoA-A document is added so that the client who reallocates the IPs can give their ISP both documents (LoA and LoA-A) proving the validity.

Difference between LoA and LoA-A

Although it might be confusing, the main difference between these documents is that LoA is issued by DET to the ISP (as proof for announcement validation) and LoA-A is issued by the owner to the DET and whenever LoA is sent to the ISP, LoA-A can be added to provide further validity.

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