Payouts and payout postponement

How are payouts calculated and when are the payouts transferred to my balance? How to use cycles to postpone payouts?


The algorithm for calculating the payouts is actually quite simple:

The calculation begins when the subnet (or part of it) is leased by the leasee. The time (in seconds) is then started to be tracked for the leased subnet. At the end of the month, the leased time (in seconds) is then divided by the seconds in that particular month to get the lease time in percent, which is then multiplied by the monthly earnings set by the owner when adding the subnet to the marketplace.


Say we have placed a subnet in the market and set pricing as follows:
– 120$/month for /23

– 65$/month for /24 is then leased by the leasee on the 15th of the month (which in this example will have 31 days), 8:28:00 UTC. By the end of the month, the subnet will be leased for 1,438,320 seconds. As there are 2,678,400 seconds in the month (which has 31 days), the leased time (in percent) is 53,7%, so the payout is 65$*0.537=34.9$

Payout date

Payouts are calculated at the end of the month and then transferred to your selected payout option by the 14th calendar day of the next month.

Please note that if the owner did not set up his payout method, Heficed would not be able to send him the payouts. The owner will be contacted by the Heficed Support team to update their billing information; however, it is the owner’s responsibility to set up the payout option in the first place.

In case Heficed is unable to send you the payout, the payout for that month will be added to the next month’s payout (assuming the billing information was corrected and Heficed does not face any other issues).

Postpone payouts

It is possible to postpone payouts using payout cycles.

Click on the payment method that is right for you. Fill in the required information and select Payout cycle.

Bank transfer details

There are 5 different payout cycles you can choose from:

payout cycles

After filling in information and selecting the payout cycle all it is left is to press the ‘Save’ button to finish up the process.

You will now be able to postpone payouts using cycles according to your needs.

Additional fees

Keep in mind that, depending on your selected payout method, additional fees and a minimum payout amount may apply:

– Bank Transfer withdrawal fee: 25.00$, minimum payout: 300$

Furthermore, please note that it might take 5-7 business days for an international money transfer to reach you (in case of Bank Transfer).

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