Possible reasons for payout deductions

As the Heficed Additional IPs section is a dynamic environment it requires input from both us and owners of IP resources. And if we don’t get input from the owner of the resources we will have to make deductions from their payouts, this article will explain the possible reasons why we make these deductions, and how we calculate them.

Late response

Clients who leased your subnets need them working as soon as possible. And late response will lead to us making payout deductions. And as clients aren’t paying for the time we don’t receive a response, and subnets don’t work, we’re unable to make payouts for the time.

Inability to make changes

An owner who allows reassignment sometimes isn’t will willing to make changes, for example updating WHOIS information, creating router objects, or RPKI. And for some clients, this is critical information, and without it, these subnets are useless. To mitigate losses we have to make deductions from a payout if a situation like this happens.

IPs added to the Additional IPs section that is already announced

If a subnet is already announced before the client orders it, it can lead to unusability on the paying customer side. Because of that, we recommend double-checking if the subnet is not announced on a few different-looking glasses and IPs aren’t responding to ping requests before placing them in the Additional IPs section.

How we make calculations for payout deductions

Before we make deductions we give IP owners 48hours to respond. If we don’t receive a response at this time, we have to make deductions for the time owner didn’t respond. We take the length of the month minus the time we didn’t receive a response and find the actual percentual time the client could use the subnet and bill them accordingly. So deductions are for the time IP resources could not be used, or the owner of these resources didn’t respond.

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