What is LOA?

LOA (Letter of Authorization) is a legal document that enables the third party to have the authority to act on your behalf for a set amount of time.
In our case, LOA is used to allow the third party to legally use IP resources.

Use of LOA

You can use Heficed Additional IPs section on your own infrastructure! To achieve this, we would need to issue you an LOA, allowing you to legally use our IP resources outside the Heficed infrastructure.
More information can be found here: How to take away Heficed IPs to your own infrastructure?

You can also bring your own IP addresses to our infrastructure or monetize your IP addresses in the Heficed Additional IPs section. In this case, you would need to issue LOA allowing us to announce your IP addresses from the Heficed infrastructure.

Example LOA

In the example below, first-party allows second-party to use IP addresses owned by first-party.

LoA First-party

You may use this LOA as an example, just make sure to adjust every field highlighted in red accordingly.
First-party and second-party should be replaced with legal company names.

Issuing LoA to Heficed

If you are trying to place a subnet in the Heficed’s Additional IPs section (and you chose the LoA authentication method), the first party should be your company name- the name of the organization (LIR) which is authorized to use the subnet by the RIR (as seen in whois – “Responsible organization”).

Second-party should be Digital Energy Technologies LTD (ASN number AS61317). ASN owner company name: Digital Energy Technologies Ltd.

If you have any further questions, feel free to create a Ticket at your Terminal or contact us directly by writing to support@heficed.com

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