Service suspension due to overdue on payment. What should I do?

Your purchased service could be suspended for various reasons. In most scenarios after service suspension, you will receive a notification to email which is related to your Heficed account. When you log in to Terminal and select the appropriate service, you will able to see the service suspension reason.

If service was suspended due to overdue payment and you want to resume using your service, this is mean that you must pay all unpaid invoices for that service. Unpaid invoices related to your Heficed account always are listed in Terminal -> Billing -> Invoices.

After the payment, your service which was suspended due to overdue payment will be activated automatically again. However, after payment always please check the service status in Heficed and ensure that it is power on and has the status “Online”. In case of any payment issues, please contact Heficed support via your Terminal and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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