New Services in South Africa!

South Africa, New Services in South Africa!

Headquartered in London, Host1Plus has been growing rapidly with over 72,000 registered customers globally. Johannesburg is our 5th region, following Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Chicago and São Paulo.

We’re Ready – Are You?

Everything is intact and readily available for our new and existing clients. Juras Sadauskas, Sales Executive at Host1Plus says “Precise market analysis results unveiled an excessive demand of high-quality Cloud and VPS services in Africa market. In addition, a vast amount of requests from businesses was received inquiring and requesting top notch infrastructure solutions. To top it off, from now on Host1Plus is an ISP provider in South Africa!”

Seeing an increased demand of hosting services in South Africa we are hyped to introduce new services. Take a look what is coming!

Cloud Servers

From the idea, rough sketches, tweaked and improved concepts to feature implementation, endless hours of coding, sleepless nights and exciting moments we are officially launching Cloud Servers in South Africa!

Powered by KVM hypervisor, backed up with efficient NVMe dedicated storage Cloud Servers brings a pack of powerful features to South Africa!

Now is the best time for you to enter new markets or expand your reach with the help of our infrastructure solutions.

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Virtuozzo VPS

In addition to Cloud Servers launch, we are happy to roll our Virtuozzo™ 7 powered VPS hosting in South Africa!

Equipped with popular Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE Virtuozzo VPS brings additional functional benefits. Wondering what are those?

All Virtuozzo VPS comes with enabled TUN/TAP/PPP module, ReadyKernel™ zero-downtime security updates, public API for full VM lifecycle management, greatly improved CPU, RAM and Disk I/O access times and more!

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“Best in class Internet transit will be provided by Level 3 Communications, a global Tier-1 network provider. Local South African connectivity will be strengthened by an access to biggest local Internet exchanges – NAPAfrica and JINX. This will allow Host1Plus to bump the effective network bandwidth by an order of magnitude. We’ve also completely rebuilt the infrastructure to accommodate the growing Cloud and VPS demand in South Africa.” – says Host1Plus CTO, Aistis Zenkevičius.

South Africa, New Services in South Africa!

Constant research, analysis, and industry trends shape our company roadmap which leads us to where we are today – new data center in Johannesburg, South Africa complemented with Cloud Servers and Virtuozzo VPS.

New Powerhouse in Johannesburg

We strive to provide high-quality hosting services globally. In order to reach our goals and exceed our client’s expectations, we must continually improve and develop our services.

Host1Plus CTO, Aistis Zenkevičius claims that “Over the course of this year we have been searching for a premium data center partner in South Africa. The search is over and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Teraco Data Environments – a premium and carrier-neutral data center in Johannesburg.”

South Africa, New Services in South Africa!

All aforementioned changes and improvements are being made to strengthen our position as a leading hosting service provider in South Africa and our other locations.


There is never enough when talking in terms of development, better performance or higher quality, but we’re extremely proud of improvements we have made so far!

We are truly thrilled to be coming to South Africa, and looking forward to hear feedback on how we can foremost benefit the community in order to provide first-in-class services.

If you would want to share your insights, ideas, wishes etc. feel free to reach out to us via our Feature Request page. We would be more than happy to hear you out!