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Automated Provisioning & rDNS Control

Automated Provisioning & rDNS Control

Our automated IP management platform has been built to provide a seamless provisioning experience to those wanting to lease additional IP addresses or utilize Heficed’s infrastructure stack. Much of the provisioning is fully automated once the selection of IP range has been made and this includes the application of rDNS on all subnets selected, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding data gathering organizations and ISP’s providing email servers.

No Commitment or Contracts

No Commitment or Contracts

There are no long-term commitments or contracts involved when leasing via our IP Market Place. Flexible leasing options are available whether there is a short-term requirement, for example, additional IP addresses for Penetration Testing and Disaster Simulation Scenarios or longer-term requirements for the support functions of Business Intelligence projects such as data scraping, finance support and data analytics. Just pay for the time period you need the IP assets.

LoA & BGP Management

LoA & BGP Management

All IP addresses accepted onto our IP Address Market have to be accompanied by LoA’s, ensuring that those on our platform have the legal status to be offered for leasing. Heficed’s BGP management can then be used to facilitate these IP Addresses your company’s dynamically changing requirements, allowing you to relocate your IP space throughout our network and scale according to your business needs. Take advantage of our resilient BGP connectivity through our Kronos Cloud, Proto Compute, or directly to the Internet and multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections.

Balanced Market Prices

Balanced Market Prices

Heficed ensures through its rigorous diligence process that the IP Subnets that are provided on our IP Address Market platform are not only fully approved and legally available, but the investment costs for leasing are also competitive and fair. IP addresses made available on our platform have to comply with our market condition calculations, which ensures that all users of IP Address Market are guaranteed continuing competitive pricing throughout their leasing term.

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Registration is Free, No Commitment is Required.

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Frequently Asked Questions _


The number is constantly changing due to new IP ranges being brought to the Heficed IP Address Market by IP owners.

You can find the current number of available IPs by going to Heficed Terminal -> IP Address Market -> Order or by clicking the following link:

You can find prefix sizes from /32 up to /8. Depending on the demand, larger subnets are usually leased out straight away, so we recommend checking the availability in the IP Address Market daily.

You can find All RIR IP prefixes by going to your Client Dashboard and locating IP Address Market on the left side menu or by clicking the following link:

After making a payment for the selected IP subnet, the IP space is available to use within a few moments.

You can find prefix sizes from /32 up to /8. Depending on the demand, larger subnets are usually leased out straight away, so we recommend checking the availability in the IP Address Market daily.

The pricing varies and is determined by the lessor. To see the exact prices you need to register a business account and go to the IP Address Market

IP Usage

Yes, the IPs are clean from blocklists before they are placed in the IP Address Market. We always perform a reputation scan, so we can ensure that we list only clean IPs.

Yes, as long as you are not sending spam and no abusive behavior is involved. It’s always useful to apply the best practices when sending out newsletters.

It is possible to use IP addresses purchased from our market outside of Heficed Infrastructure. Follow our article on Take Away IPs to learn how you can do this.

Heficed IP Address Market is only available for verified Business Organizations. This article will help you create a business organization: How to create a Business Organization?

The lessor sets the expiration date, which can be seen when placing an order in the IP Address Market

The expiration date shows until when the IP range is active in the IP Address Market. The expiration date can be extended by the IP owner.

With our abuse management team’s help, you can clean your IP subnet from any blocklists.

IP address orders are not refundable. You can find the full Refund Policy in our Terms of Service.


Currently, full IP prefix delegation is not available. Our team is working to provide full-delegation features as soon as possible.

The rDNS option is available via Heficed Terminal. Follow our tutorial to set up rDNS.

It is possible to change the WHOIS details of the IP resource to match your company information. However, abuse email has to remain

/24, which is 256 IPs. You can order a subnet by registering a business organization and going to the IP Address Market.

If you face an error when adding a subnet to the market, click on the Live Chat icon at our homepage’s bottom right corner.

You can choose between two ways of authorizing your IP prefix: Route Origin Authorization (ROA) or Letter of Authorization (LOA). ROA is a fully automated process and the easiest one without any manual interaction.

Payouts are calculated at the end of the month and then transferred to your selected payout option by the 14th of the next month. To find out more, read our article about payout calculations and dates.

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