Monetize IPv4

Monetize IPv4 with Heficed IP Address Market

The World’s first IPv4 & IPv6 lease marketplace that helps to monetize free IP resources and helps to reduce the IPv4 shortage problem.

Coming soon! A new dedicated platform for leasing and monetizing IPv4 resources with an improved IP management experience.

Monetize IPv4

Monetize Your Free IPv4

Don’t let your unused IPv4 resources go to waste. If you’re looking for ways to monetize them, we’ve got you covered. You can monetize your free IP addresses by leasing them to other businesses on Heficed’s IP Address Market.

IPv4 for Market Price

IPv4 for Market Price

As with any finite resource, the value of IPv4 assets is determined by supply and demand. We offer competitive and fair lease prices based on our market condition calculations, ensuring that IP lessors can maximize their profit.

Fully Automated Monetize IPv4

Full Automation & Control

The IP Address Market enhances flexibility in redistributing IPv4 addresses and allows you to manage your IP resources more efficiently with improved automation. You get daily reports about the state of your IP resources. With a custom built dashboard, managing your network while reducing complexity and improving profitability is a breeze.

Monetize IPv4

RPKI Verification

We’ve implemented RPKI verification for securing routing decisions and signing our routes. Using cryptography, RPKI adds a layer of protection from route hijacking with malicious intent and route leaks due to misconfiguration when signing Internet routes.

Monetize Unused IPv4 Resources

Start monetizing your unused IPv4 addresses today on Heficed’s unique IP address Market.

Terminal IPv4 Monetize

Unused IPv4 Resources Can Bring Revenue

Today, IPv4 addresses are a hidden business asset that can make you money. As an IPv4 address owner, the global exhaustion of free IP addresses is an excellent opportunity for you to monetize your unallocated IPv4 addresses.

Transparent Revenue Report & Recurring Payouts

Heficed’s IP Address Market platform provides complete transparency with a full suite of reports and automatic payment cycles. Transparent revenue reports provide detailed information on monetization performance.

Full Abuse Monitoring & Handling

We’ve implemented an effective Abuse Management Process to protect both IP lessors and lessees. We police the pre-registration process, removing the risk of IP addresses getting blacklisted. In doing so, we ensure that IP addresses remain clean and available for service.

Monetize IPv4

RPKI Verification and BGP Control Management

Our BGP management solution facilitates configuring dynamic routing policies, removing possible BGP misconfiguration and human error. Our commitment to providing secure routing extends to using RPKI verification, further securing routing decisions.

High Security and GDPR Compliant

Transparency is one of our core values, but confidentiality and customer security are equally important. All client information we hold is under lock and key, stored on our secure servers. We are committed to protecting and respecting client data and, therefore, follow GDPR to the letter.

Turn Your Free IP Space Into an Additional Revenue Source

Leasing IP

01. Register with Heficed

If you are a network operator, you can register an account with us and start earning. Registering an account will grant you access to Heficed’s unique infrastructure stack, Terminal, and our unique IP Address Market.


02. Verify Your Legal Entity

We require all organizations to verify their legal entity. We don’t permit personal accounts, so only registered LIRs can participate in the IP Address Market. As part of our KYC policy, we carry out a full profile analysis to ensure all participants are legitimate.

Load Subnets

03. Load the Subnets to the Market

With our easy-to-use Terminal, import your subnets via LOA or ROA. All you have to do is set the abuse contact in WHOIS, delegate the IP range, and make sure your IPs haven’t been blacklisted. Then, set the subnet price and make your IPs live on our IP Address Market.


04. Start Earning

With Heficed’s IP Address Market, you can easily monetize your unused IPv4 resources, so it won’t take long before your IPv4 assets start generating revenue. Set your own subnet price or refer to the Suggested Price, based on multiple market parameters, and start earning.

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