With 768K Day Looming, Unprepared Enterprises Are at Risk of Network Crash: Experts Offer Solutions

The global BGP routing table is about to reach 768K, threatening networks with ill-prepared infrastructures. Up-to-date infrastructural hardware and timely router maintenance would safeguard systems against downtime, says Heficed, an IP address solution provider.

According to experts, next plausible internet emergency, the 768K Day, might be upon us anytime now. There is a risk that when the global BGP routing table exceeds 768K, older routers might crash, causing a ripple effect leading to affected network’s downtime. However, according to IP address solution providers, preventive measures or updated hardware would keep the systems unaffected.

Throughout the history of the internet, several crises were predicted to happen and cause danger to the web or computer systems. Y2K, or the Millenium bug, was much discussed yet well prepared for, and very few system failures occurred. Other crises, like the 512K Day, caught network administrators and ISPs unprepared, causing significant troubles.

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