Proto Compute

/prəʊ.təʊ-/ – first, especially from which other similar things develop

Stable and secure shared-nothing architecture. Config bare metal, provision instantly and take off. _

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Multiple Locations Worldwide

Proto Compute locations _

Proto Compute Dedicated Servers are suitable for a large private cloud, full-stack application cluster or disaster recovery site deployments. Everything is dedicated, nothing is shared.

Custom architecture

Specify required computing power and bandwith for us to design and deploy the best-fit solution for your application.


Global locations

Heficed’s powerful, secure, environmentally controlled Tier 3 powerful data centers ensure top-quality performance and a top-quality approach to the major business areas around the globe.


Up to 4096 IPs

Infrastructure interconnected with flexible blacklist free IP spaces through our automated Switch platform.

Instant Proto Compute
Premium Proto Compute

Run your server instantly after ordering. Get the dedicated server deployed in less than 10 minutes. Quick deployment complemented by professional technical support enables you to continue focusing on your core business tasks.

Intel Xeon
E3-1578L v5
1TB Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x10Gbps
$325 /mo
E3-1240 v3
1TB Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x1Gbps
$330 /mo
E5-2640 v3
128GB RAM, 120GB SSD
1.6TB, NVME, 1TB Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x10Gbp
$1,250 /mo
Intel Xeon
CN8890 @2GHz
128GB RAM, 340GB, SSD
1TB Bandwidth Network cards: 2x10Gbps
340 /mo
7401P 24-Core Processor @ 2.0GHz
256GB RAM, 480GB, SSD
1TB Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x10Gbps
$1,200 /mo
Intel Scalable Gold
5120 28-Core Processor @ 2.2GHz
384GB RAM, 120GB SSD
3.8TB NVME, Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x10Gbps
$1,400 /mo
Atom C2550 @ 2.4Ghz
1TB Bandwidth, Network cards: 2x1Gbps
$110 /mo

Tier 3 classified data centers _

Heficed’s data centers are all Tier 3 classified and hold compliance certificates that represent our focus on clients’ privacy and security. Our best practices are proved by ISO, PCI, Soc 2 Type 2 certificates, BBB accreditation and others.


Security standards

To ensure maximum protection, data centers‘ best practices contain layered physical access control, building-in-building construction, 24/7/365 security guards, internal/ external video surveillance, segregated customer receiving and packaging recovery areas, and biometric access control.


Fire alarm system

A smart fire detection system was developed to protect data centers in the event of a fire. A gaseous fire suppression system, fire alarms, and optical smoke detectors and their regular testing guarantee high reliability and safety.


Tier 1 internet service providers _

Top international carriers ensure blended traffic for a fast and reliable connection. No matter where your clients may be located, with 99.9% uptime they will never have an issue reaching your servers.

Key features and benefits

Fully customizable dedicated server architecture for individual business priorities and workload. _

Uplink Platforms
  • Current gen x86 Intel or AMD, ARM
  • Multi-GPU enabled servers
Uplink API
  • Server control and usage statistics
    functionality is exposed via public API
Uplink Storage
  • An add-on scalable iSCSI block storage for cold data
Uplink Operating systems
  • Modern operating systems, including stable versions of Debian 8, CentOS 7, Ubuntu (14 LTS & 16.04), FreeBSD (10.3 & 11), Container Linux by CoreOS (alpha, beta and stable), RancherOS, Scientific Linux 6, Windows Server 2012 (coming soon), VMWare ESXI(5.5, 6.0 & 6.5), and NixOS
Uplink Web interface
  • Feature rich and intuitive single pane of glass
Uplink IPv4 and IPv6
  • IPv6 enabled by default
  • Ability to add large subnets
  • Ability to Bring Your Own IP
Uplink Network
  • Multiple upstream providers and Internet exchanges
  • Dedicated bandwidth options available
  • Custom routing or cross-connect options available
Uplink Statistics
  • Detailed network statistics

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