Referral Partner Program

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Referral Partner Program overview

How does Heficed Referral Partner Program work? _

Increase sales

Improve your sales performance with the help of referring our high-quality products and services to your business partners and customers.

Attract customers

Building trust and credibility will result a continuous cycle of satisfied customers coming back and attracting new ones.

Build brand awareness

A positive effect on your business will be created through your business partners and customers spreading positive feedback about you.

Provide custom solution

Achieve maximum value by providing your customers with a custom-built solution, according to individual business needs.

Heficed Referral Program

Commission structure _

Heficed Referral Program is available to participants worldwide. It’s totally free of charge. Referral partners get a custom percentage of the overall deal, which is defined in the individual contract. Program participants can refer any of our products and services:

referral partner program, Referral Partner Program Infrastructure
  • Instant Proto Compute
  • Premium Proto Compute
  • Kronos Cloud
referral partner program, Referral Partner Program Network solutions
  • Heficed Connect
  • Switch

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