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IPv4 Commodity

Any way you view the current situation, IPv6 transition is a long term proposition. IPv4 assets have become a tradeable commodity with monetization opportunities for IP Address brokers and the customers they represent. Heficed’s IP Address Market platform is the perfect tool to facilitate the monetization of your client’s IPv4 assets, pairing buyers with sellers, whether small, mid, or large block owners, and in the knowledge that Heficed’s niche experience alleviates any risk.

IPv4 as Strategic Assets

Because of their growing value, handling your client’s Ipv4 addresses requires acute asset management. The delay in IPv6 adoption means that IPv4 has a longer-term value than previously imagined and increasingly is of unprecedented and unique significance to organizations wishing to grow their global presence. Heficed’s IP Address Market solution mitigates the risks to your client assets and provides a platform for IP brokers to serve them and profit at the same time.

Earn Recurring Commissions

Heficed’s IP Address Market platform affords the ability for IP Brokers to register subnets and list the lease prices they are looking to accomplish on behalf of their clients. Our extensive market experience provides competitive price margins on the prevailing market conditions keeping client assets in a range that makes them marketable. As an IP Broker, we pay commission on a recurring monthly basis for as long as the IP asset is in a leased status. Heficed additionally pays commission on any infrastructure introductions.

Fully Transparent Billing Reports

Accurate, transparent billing reports match IP Address listings with the IP Broker registered to manage them on our system, making it easy to understand what revenue has been generated by which IP asset, revenues collected, and any fees deducted. Broker clients are delighted with the transparency and detail provided by these reports making it easier to measure IP asset activity, degree of utilization, and financial returns on their IP assets.

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Prevention of IP Hi-Jacking

When it comes to entrusting to us, your clients IP assets under management, fraud, and deception protection is critical within all of our solutions. Years of experience in the IP sector enables us to provide assurances in our ability to prevent IP Hi-Jacking. Dormant or legacy resources that have failed to be ‘announced’ leaves them vulnerable to criminal and malicious activity. IP assets leased through Heficed are securely ‘parked’, keeping them out of reach of the hijackers.

SWIP & Sub-Delegations

When leasing IP assets through Heficed’s IP Address Market platform, IP Brokers can maintain complete control of their client assets throughout there sub-delegation, either utilizing the SWIP reassignment process for ARIN or sub-delegation for the remaining RIR’s. Heficed has LIR status and, as such, can host its own publicly accessible RWhois service, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data within ARIN’s Whois.

All RIR Policy Compliant Solution

While the five regions (LACNIC, ARIN, RIPE, AFRINIC and APNIC) have a shared mission to police and administrate the distribution and use of IP addresses, each region’s policy differs slightly, potentially creating delays to critical planning timescales. Heficed’s consultancy services provide the necessary knowledge to advise and support our clients, ensuring the most efficient and optimal setup for their network and IP setup in the shortest of time windows.

Fully API Driven

All of our solutions, including IP Address Market, Kronos Cloud, and Proto Compute, are entirely API driven. Buyers, sellers, and intermediaries can request any of our services over API, and it is provisioned automatically, including the IP addresses. For the companies that integrate our solutions into their infrastructure, this provides a considerable advantage as the practice of submitting new order tickets is replaced entirely with automation.

Performance Reports Direct Access

Heficed supplies a full suite of reports to enable the IP Broker to identify, monitor, and provide performance statistics on all aspects of the IP Addresses listed within the platform on behalf of their clients. IP Brokers have direct access to the reports module within the IP Address Market solution, and there are no restrictions as to the number or frequency of reports requested. Availability is simply a case of logging into your account and selecting the reports tab under the Monetization section.

Custom Pricing & Stock Control

At Heficed, we understand that sometimes the IP Broker nor the client they are retained by can find the right pricing or time window that fits into their short term operational plan and, in turn, their longer-term strategic program. As specialists in the domain of IP address assets, we understand the need for flexibility and a creative vision to enable monetization to become a reality and a worthwhile exercise. Speak to our specialists about custom pricing and asset control.

IP Address Market White Paper

An extensive document that explores the history of the IPv4 exhaustion and the subsequent potential for the monetization of unallocated IPv4 addresses through the world's first IP Address Market.

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