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RIR subnets

Major RIRs Integrations

Our all-in-one IPAM solution grants organizations local access on a global scale. Heficed’s growing database of leasable IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, combined with our extensive experience of integration in all five of the RIR regions, makes the prospect of revenue creation through redundant IP assets a more straightforward proposition, enabling companies to maximize opportunities in a developing marketplace.


Consultancy & Audit

Heficed’s consultancy services provide the essential experience to advise and support clients looking to monetize their IP assets. Our IP Address Market platform provides full audit traceability with real-time reporting, fully supporting the financial decision strategy behind leasing IP assets. Reports include subnet ID’s along with payment details that include date and time stamp, payment method, amounts transferred to your bank account and balance statements.


Managed LIR

Heficed offers a managed LIR service solution team with all the skills necessary to complement or substitute the IT resources for leasing clients, creating structured networks correctly to achieve the highest efficiency for them. Not all organizations have the resources to route, announce or manage IP assets, so utilizing our managed LIR service provides added value and increases the leasing potential of IP Assets placed on our IP Address Market platform.


Blended IP Transit

Uniform and robust internet connectivity for those leasing your IP assets is essential to ensure enduring revenue. Heficed’s blended IP Transit service provides resilient BGP connectivity directly to the Internet and through multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections. Up to 100 Gbps of blended traffic and safe connection through major ISPs across Heficed’s global PoPs, provide an astonishingly stable internet connection preventing any possible access interruptions and the disruption of revenue streams.

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IPv4 & IPv6 Resources

The transition to IPv6 next-gen technology still requires high investment, so full adoption is still a way off, and IPv4 addresses are going to remain in demand for some time. Heficed embraces both protocols and holds a substantial amount of Ipv4 and IPv6 assets within our databases. Consequently, leasing both Ipv4 and Ipv6 is possible via our IP Address Market platform along with full connectivity to all of our allied solutions, Kronos Cloud and Proto Compute.


Sub-Delegation & SWIP

Clients who lease IP assets through Heficed’s IP Address Market platform can maintain complete control throughout the sub-delegation of these assets, either utilizing the SWIP reassignment process for ARIN or sub-delegation for the remaining RIR’s. This flexibility is a decisive advantage and removes the objection for leasing. Heficed has LIR status and can host its own publicly accessible Whois service, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data within ARIN’s Whois.


AS Numbers Leasing

When it comes to ASN allocations, level the RIR playing field irrespective of what region you choose. If utilizing RIPE as your RIR for the strategic placing of your online IP assets, avoid the requirement of creating an LIR account by letting Heficed provide the sub-allocation of ASN’s through our leasing model. Guaranteed to adhere to the RIPE policy our AS Number allocations will remove any challenges of inaugurating a European presence.


Hi-Jacking Protection

Having confidence in whom you are entrusting your IP assets to manage is essential. Heficed has a solid experience in fraud & deception protection. A hijacked network is disastrous, whether you are the lessee or lessor of IP addresses. Dormant or legacy resources that have failed to be ‘announced’ leaves them vulnerable to criminal and malicious activity. IP assets leased through Heficed are securely ‘parked’, keeping them out of reach of the hijackers.


BGP Management

Our custom BGP management platform reinforces our commitment to RPKI verification standards. It facilitates our clients dynamically changing requirements enabling them to securely relocate their IP space throughout our network and scale according to their business needs. Additionally, our BGP platform has full connectivity through our Kronos Cloud, Proto Compute, or directly to the Internet and multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections.


IPv4 & IPv6 Leasing

While IPv4 address exhaustion is the primary motivation that drives the IP monetization sector, Heficed also manages the allocation of large IPv6 assignments. Whatever IP protocol, we aim to make the monetization of IP addresses both accessible and transparent by incorporating the IP leasing function into a seamless IT & Network provisioning process that is quick, and provides incredible flexibility in respect of scaling and affordable options.

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Effortlessly scale your worldwide operations on a single platform that offers global choices in subnets, powerful cloud servers, and bare metal cloud.

Dedicated Servers


Proto Compute, our stable, secure Bare-Metal Cloud offering is a single tenancy, fully customizable, and auto-provisioning. Through our infrastructure stack interconnect with blacklist free IP addresses via our world-leading IP Address Market.

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10 Minutes Provisioning

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10 Global Locations

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Custom Configuraton

Kronos Cloud

KVM Hypervisor

A virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world. Built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisor with a choice of operating systems and custom automation, manage your server as though it was in your own premise.

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Highly Scalable

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Software Defined Storage

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IPv6 Ready!

Heficed Connect

IP Transit

Direct connection via IP Transit global network spanning the world. Heficed Connect provides up to 100 Bbps of blended traffic through resilient connectivity, utilizing our own BGP solution directly to the internet and through multiple Tier-1 ISP providers.

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Tier 1 Blended Traffic

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BGP Management

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Software Defined Network

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