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Looking to monetize your redundant IP addresses? Lease and manage your IP assets to maximize your returns.

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Discover the Advantages Of Heficed’s IP Address Management

Managed Servers Global

Integration With Major RIRs

Our all-in-one IP Address Management solution grants organizations local access on a global scale. Heficed’s growing database of leasable IPv4 & IPv6 addresses is combined with extensive experience in integrating services across all five RIRs. Your redundant IP assets can create significant revenue potential and help your company maximize business scaling opportunities.


Consultancy & Audit

Heficed’s consultancy services fully support clients looking to monetize their IP assets. Our IP Address Market platform provides transparent real-time reports to track assets and financial gains and help you make strategic financial decisions. Reports include subnet IDs and payment details – the date & time stamp, payment method, funds transferred to your bank account and balance statements.

Marketing & Sales

Managed LIR

Heficed offers a managed LIR service solution supported by a team of skilled professionals, who can create structured networks correctly to help you achieve high efficiency. Not all organizations have the resources to route, announce or manage IP assets. Heficed’s managed LIR service takes care of it all and increases the leasing potential of your IP assets once they are added to the IP Address Market.

SaaS Network

Blended IP Transit

Robust Internet connectivity is essential for those leasing IP assets to ensure sustained revenue. Heficed’s blended IP Transit service provides resilient BGP connectivity directly to the Internet and through multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections. Up to 100 Gbps of blended traffic and safe connection through major ISPs across Heficed’s global PoPs help provide a stable Internet connection.

Global Reach & Local Access With RIR Management Services

Floating IPs Global

IPv4 & IPv6 Resources

The transition to IPv6 next-gen technology still requires high investment. Full IPv6 adoption is still in the process, and IPv4 addresses are bound to remain in demand for quite a while. Heficed embraces both protocols and holds a substantial amount of IPv4 and IPv6 assets. Consequently, it is possible to lease both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses via our IP Address Market platform. We also offer full connectivity to all of our solutions, including Cloud Hosting and Bare Metal Servers.

Local Internet Registries

Sub-Delegation & SWIP

Clients who lease IP assets using Heficed’s IP Address Market platform can maintain full control throughout the sub-delegation of their assets. This is facilitated either via the SWIP reassignment process for ARIN or sub-delegation for the remaining RIRs. The flexibility of the process provides a clear advantage and encourages IP leasing. Heficed’s LIR status enables us to host our own publicly accessible RWhois service, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data within ARIN’s Whois.

Long Term

AS Numbers Leasing

When it comes to ASN allocations, level the RIR playing field regardless of what region you are located in. For example, if you wish to utilize RIPE as your RIR, you can let Heficed provide the sub-allocation of ASNs through our leasing model while circumventing the requirement to create a LIR account. Heficed is fully prepared to comply with all RIPE policies and allocate ASNs to establish your presence in Europe.

IP Abuse Handling

Hijacking Protection

Having confidence in whom you entrust your IP assets with is essential. Heficed has experience in anti-fraud & anti-deception protection, and we are prepared to protect you from the network hijack nightmare whether you are the lessee or lessor. Legacy resources that have not been announced are vulnerable to malicious activity, but IP assets leased through Heficed are securely parked, which means that they are protected.


BGP Management

Heficed’s custom BGP management platform reinforces our commitment to RPKI verification standards. We facilitate our clients’ ever-changing requirements to help them safely relocate their IP space and scale according to their business needs. Additionally, our BGP platform has full connectivity through our Cloud Hosting and Bare Metal Servers, or directly to the Internet and multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections.

Reseller Program

IPv4 & IPv6 Leasing

While the IPv4 address exhaustion is the primary motivator in the IP monetization sector, Heficed also manages the allocation of large IPv6 assignments. We aim to make the monetization of all IP addresses both accessible and transparent by incorporating the IP leasing function into a seamless IT & Network provisioning process. It is quick and provides flexibility when it comes to scaling and affordable solutions.

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Deploy IPv4 with Heficed’s Infrastructure Stack 

Effortlessly scale your operations worldwide using one platform that offers subnets, powerful cloud servers and bare-metal solutions.

Bare Metal Servers

Dedicated Hosting

A stable and secure architecture that allows you to configure dedicated servers, provision instantly and take off.

  • 9 Global Locations
  • Custom Configuraton
  • 99.9% Uptime

Cloud Servers

KVM Hypervisor

Built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisor with a choice of operating systems and custom automation.

  • Highly Scalable
  • Software Defined Storage
  • IPv6 Ready!

IP Transit

Global Connectivity

Heficed’s blended traffic with resilient connectivity utilizes our own BGP solution through multiple Tier-1 ISP providers.

  • Tier 1 Blended Traffic
  • BGP Management
  • Software Defined Network