Additional Revenue Streams For Telcos

Our unique IP Address Market platform provides Telcos with huge monetizing opportunities for their unused IPv4 addresses.

With efficient IP address management and Heficed’s unique proposition, the possibility of substantial income streams can be realized. _

IPv4 Depletion = Opportunities

Global IPv4 depletion remains an obstacle for many growing organizations who are not ready for the switch to IPv6.

Our experience indicates that Telcos still sit on huge quantities of unused IPv4 addresses from their original register allocation.

Placing these underused assets on Heficed’s IP Address Market platform provides an easy route to monetization and additional monthly revenues.

24/7 Monitoring = Service Continuity

Providing a unique IP Address Market platform comes with its own set of responsibilities.

The management team at Heficed are fully aware that the burden of ensuring that IP addresses remain clean and available for service, rests firmly on their shoulders.

In order to manage any threats to service continuity we created our dedicated Anti-Abuse team working alongside 3rd party providers such as Halon.


Heficed is a unique IP facilitator in the online world as it allows growing businesses to effortlessly scale through one platform that provides intuitive and seamless linking to servers, bare metal and of course IP addresses.

We cover all all IP network regions including RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC and AFRINIC.

We currently provide access to over 500,000
(and growing) geo-located and blacklist free IPv4 addresses and onboarding unused IP assets into our IP address bank is a simple process.

We invite Telcos from all geo-locations to bank their unused IP assets with Heficed and embrace the opportunity for real returns. To find out more contact .

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