Take Away IPs

Take Away IPs to Your Own Infrastructure Hassle-Free

TAIP offers high flexibility, allowing you to scale your business worldwide, wherever you are.

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IPXO is now live! An IP address marketplace that helps to monetize and lease unused IPv4 resources. Scale seamlessly worldwide with IP addresses from IPXO.

Reassign IPs to Your Own Infrastructure Within Minutes


Two-Step Reassignment Process

We’ve made the reassignment process convenient and straightforward. TAIP enables you to move IPs leased via the IP Address Market onto third-party networks. To reassign your leased subnets to your ASN, enter your destination ASN, fill our KYC form, and you’re done.


Fully Automated

TAIP provides more flexibility and autonomy if you have your own infrastructure, use another provider or operate from a different location. Integrated safeguards keep the risk factor to a minimum by reducing the number of interactions between you and the ISP.


RPKI Automation (coming soon)

Heficed’s integrated RPKI framework guarantees the security of your IPv4 resources using cryptographic validation. Our automated RPKI solution ensures secure routing to prevent possible IP hijacking and routing misconfigurations by providing multiple paths.

Leasing IPs

01. Register with Heficed

Register on our full-suite infrastructure platform and access our unique IP Address Market. Lease the number of subnets you need and, using TAIP, reassign them outside of Heficed’s infrastructure. With TAIP, you can reassign your leased subnets to your ASN within only 15 minutes.

Take Away IPs

02. Create a Business Organization

Personal accounts aren’t allowed on the IP Address Market. Therefore, if you want to use Heficed’s services, you have to create a Business Organization. If you already have a personal account, all you have to do is upgrade to a Business Organization via the Terminal.


03. Choose IP

Go to our IP Address Market and browse through our available IP addresses. Choose the subnet that meets your requirements. When choosing an IP subnet, make sure reassignment is allowed. If it is not, consider ordering a new IP range that can be reassigned.

Take Away IPs settings

04. Configure Your IP

Assign your leased IP range and provide your ASN. Then, fill out our Declaration of Usage questionnaire. Once you’ve done that, assign your subnets and cover the reassignment fee. Then, get your automatically generated LoA document and forward it to your ISP.


05. Fill in KYC Form

Security is our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policy and require all new users to submit our KYC form with the relevant information. We verify all business accounts to guarantee their legitimacy and eliminate potential IP blocklisting.