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This depends on your location and the one you are trying to test. You can test our location connectivity speed by going to our locations page.

You will need to provide an LOA, BGP password, and the information you want to receive over the session:

  1. full table,
  2. full table and default gateway,
  3. only default gateway,
  4. Nothing.

Heficed network on AS61317 provides BGP Communities to help control the scope and route preference of traffic. You can read more about this feature in our article.

Here are the ISPs and Internet Exchanges available in our locations: 

  1. Frankfurt ISPs: Telia, NTT.  IXs: DE-CIX Frankfurt, DE-CIX Dusseldorf
  2. Chicago ISPs: ServerCentral.
  3. Los Angeles ISPs: PCCW, GTT.
  4. London ISPs: Telia, GTT.
  5. Sao Paulo ISPs: CenturyLink, TI Sparkle.  IX: PTT, aka IX.BR 
  6. Johannesburg ISPs: CenturyLink, Liquid Telecom.  IXs: NAPAfrica, Jinx.
  7. Reston ISPs: PCCW, GTT.
  8. Milan ISPs: TI Sparkle, GTT.


Our traffic is blended in most of our locations. 

We can offer a solution depending on your project. To hear more about the possibilities, click on the Live Chat icon at our homepage’s bottom right corner or send an email to

Heficed Connect

Heficed Connect provides internet access and is used for both Dedicated Servers and Kronos Cloud. Having one or more servers in one location will create a Heficed Connect service, which will calculate and join bandwidth usage of all these servers for easier management, control, and payment.


Users can see and upgrade their monthly traffic commit by navigating to Heficed Connect in the Terminal, where an automated system checks the bandwidth consumption.


Heficed Connect calculates each byte of outgoing data from all your servers in the same location that is connected to the Heficed Connect service.

Heficed Connect prices vary depending on the location. The most affordable bandwidth prices are in the US and European regions. The full pricing overview is available on the pricing page.


If you are up to date with your current invoices, you can go to the Heficed Connect section and add more bandwidth per required location.

You can have more than one Heficed Connect service in each location. It can be added when ordering a new Kronos Cloud or Proto Compute instance.

Yes, you can downgrade Heficed Connect traffic in Terminal. Unused traffic will not be refunded. 

Unfortunately, you can’t use one Heficed Connect instance for the different locations.

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