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Yes, our support is available 24/7. You can contact us by sending an email to or submitting a ticket over the Terminal, located at

Please note that you can send the support ticket over email if you are already our customer.
You can also find a lot of answers in our knowledge base at

Heficed is a service provider that is owned by the UK company Digital Energy Technologies Ltd., which has super-advanced teams based in the UK and Lithuania operating since 2009.

Heficed is trusted by a wide range of companies, from large enterprises to mid-sized companies and startups. We have helped deliver success to thousands of clients around the world. Read our customer business cases in our resource library page to find out more about their journey with Heficed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a plain-language agreement between Heficed and the customer. Your SLA plan defines ticket resolution time goals and the number of weekly system backups performed.

We offer 4 different SLA plans ranging from 1 to 12 hours of response time and up to 3 weekly service backups. Your total service price determines the SLA price.

For more information, go to our
SLA page.

Our Support team will assist with your requests via a ticket system. You can submit a ticket by logging in to the Terminal.


Heficed has 9 infrastructure locations: Chicago (US), Reston (US), Los Angeles (US), São Paulo (BR), London (UK), Frankfurt (DE), Milan (IT), Lagos (NG), Johannesburg (NG).

These locations were picked by following our clients’ demands. If you have a proposition for a new location – feel free to suggest one by filling the feature request form at the development roadmap page.

We offer a Service uptime guarantee of 99.9% of available time per month. However, we always strive for a 100% network uptime guarantee. 

Heficed offers unmetered bandwidth. This means that we provide a set amount of bandwidth that you can use as much as you’d like.

Yes, it is available for all services we offer. Heficed API allows clients to manage their services without accessing the terminal and integrating our services into your internal systems. You can find the API documentation at the Heficed API page.

Yes, Heficed provides DDoS protection in all of our locations. We use layer 3 DDoS Mitigation Service, which provides the most optimal protection for Heficed infrastructure.

To migrate your server to Heficed infrastructure, please submit a ticket to our Support team, and we will initiate the migration process. We will need your login details to review your current server setup and estimate the time we will need to complete the migration.

The user that requests the migration will need to grant us full root access. 


For automatic payments, you can choose to pay either via a Credit Card or PayPal. For a one time payment, you can also use a Cryptocurrency payment option. 

Absolutely! If you cannot find a promo code on our website, please ask for a discount on our sales Live Chat.

We have many customers who have customized our services to fit their needs. If you need a custom solution for your server or network setup, we would be more than happy to evaluate your requirements and provide a solution that would fit your requirements in the best possible way.

Referral partners get a custom percentage of the overall deal, which is defined in the individual contract. You can learn more information by visiting the Referral Program page.

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