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Kronos means leader, and it perfectly reflects what we strive to be – a leading provider in our industry.

Time billing is available for Kronos Cloud. You can find out the locations time billing is currently available on by contacting us via Live Chat. 

Los Angeles, US; Chicago, US; São Paulo, BR; London, UK; Frankfurt, DE; Johannesburg, SA.

If you require any additional location that we do not cover, please submit a suggestion over the
Development Roadmap page.

You can request a refund within 14 days if your service complies with our refund policy. You can find more information in our Terms of Service.


Kronos Cloud Servers are provisioned within a couple of minutes.

An OS image can be loaded. Image size shouldn’t be more than 10GB. However, you can fill the 10GB space with as many templates as you might need if they all are under 10GB in size when summed.

A System backup is a safety disk image snapshot made by a Heficed automation system.

During a new server order, you will be able to select the number of backup slots needed or add an SLA plan for an additional price. Each server can have up to 8 backup slots. 

The Heficed team manages SLA backups, but you can restore your system from a selected backup. 

To see if your Cloud server is compatible with the Heficed system and can be migrated, please open a ticket via our Terminal or send an email to

You will have full management control over our Terminal or API to complete actions such as stop, start, reinstall, and restart.


Yes, there is an option to clone your Kronos Cloud server. Please open a ticket for our Support team, and they will provide you with an estimated price and time to complete this process.


We use Intel family CPUs, but if you require alternatives like AMD or ARM CPUs, please contact our sales team via Live Chat, and they will let you know more about the possible options.

Our Kronos Cloud solution is built on top of an optimized open-source hypervisor system CloudStack.

Most popular Linux and Windows distributions are available. Advanced features developed by our technical team, also make it easy to load your custom ISO during the creation of a Proto Compute installation.

We use SSD-based storage in Los Angeles and London, and we use HDD and NVMe combined storage in Frankfurt, São Paulo, Johannesburg, and Chicago.

Our back-end storage for cloud service is running on Ceph. Ceph is the advanced storage system that puts together the facilitation of highly scalable objects, block, and file-based storage under one whole system.

We mainly use Ceph’s RADOS Block Device (RBD), to provide access to block device images that are striped and replicated across the entire storage cluster.

You can always check the possible specifications over at the pricing page and see what we offer as a standard.

If you need custom specifications, please open a ticket for our Support team, and they will accommodate your request. 

You can test our location connectivity performance by going to our locations page. Download the test files to check the approximate download speed from our servers to your computer or ping the given IPs.  

You can add up to 2048 IPs to your Kronos Cloud server.

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