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Blazing-fast, reliable, and customizable — meet our virtual private servers designed for real-world business needs. Powered by redundant cloud infrastructure, Heficed VPS servers provide you with scalable resources to ensure consistent performance for your workloads.

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Flexible Billing

Our supported billing models include pay-per-use as well as 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months commitments. With a user-friendly price calculator, you can quickly estimate your VPS server costs depending on your requirements to the location, configuration, and service level agreement.


Blended Traffic Network

To provide strong and consistent bandwidth for your network-heavy workloads, we combine connectivity of multiple Tier 1 providers to offer you up to 100 Gbps of blended traffic across our global PoPs. Our automated BGP management solution allows us to seamlessly reroute the traffic to avoid access interruptions and minimize downtime.


Migration Services

Looking to move to the cloud or want to change your current hosting provider? We can help. Systems, applications, and databases — our seasoned engineers will seamlessly migrate your enterprise workloads to our high-performance VPS servers with zero downtime and no hassle.


Secure CEPH Storage

Committed to providing superior services for our customers, we have mastered Ceph storage technology to ensure high performance and robust protection of your virtualized workloads. With no single point of failure, fault-tolerant data distribution, and effective identity and access management, you can stay confident your business-critical assets are safe.

Kronos Cloud Pricing _

Explore Heficed plans and pricing for IP addresses, Kronos Cloud, and Proto Compute dedicated servers.

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Cloud VPS Servers with Flexible Billing and Affordable Pricing _


Fully Automated VPS Cloud

Provision your cloud infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Simply choose the required configuration, and our in-house automation platform will spin up your cloud VPS servers instantly in your desired data centers across the globe.


Full API Access

We have put in a lot of effort to develop a highly usable API that gives you total control over your server. Easily automate selected tasks around your server management from dynamically creating, rebooting, and shutting down instances to upgrading resources to scheduling backups.


IPv6 Ready Network

A leading VPS hosting provider, Heficed is dedicated to promoting global IPv6 deployment. Our core network infrastructure is dual-stack supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 to help companies benefit from a safer protocol while future-proofing their business against IPv4 address exhaustion.


Custom ISO

Save your technical team time and improve deployment efficiency with custom ISO templates uploaded to Heficed. Whether it’s a 32-bit or 64-bit architecture, we support custom ISO installations for Unix, Linux, or Windows-based operating systems.


Dedicated Resources and Ultimate Performance

Grow your business on a powerful VPS server equipped with SSD for lightning-fast speed and superior performance. Enjoy your fully dedicated resources without the price tag of a dedicated server. Once allocated, your RAM, CPU, and storage remain yours, no matter what your neighbors are doing.


Custom Setup

Enjoy the flexibility of our fully customizable virtual private servers. Choose OS, configure CPU, RAM, and storage to create a tailored VPS hosting environment that effectively supports your proprietary applications and business workloads.

Deploy IPv4 on Heficed Infrastructure Stack _

Effortlessly scale your worldwide operations on a single platform that offers global choices in subnets, powerful cloud servers, and bare-metal cloud.

Proto Compute


Proto Compute, our stable, secure Bare-Metal Cloud offering is a single tenancy, fully customizable, and auto-provisioning. Through our infrastructure stack interconnect with blacklist free IP addresses via our world-leading IP Address Market.

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10 Minutes Provisioning

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10 Global Locations

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Custom Configuraton

Kronos Cloud

KVM Hypervisor

A virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world. Built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisor with a choice of operating systems and custom automation, manage your server as though it was in your own premise.

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Highly Scalable

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Software Defined Storage

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IPv6 Ready!

Heficed Connect

IP Transit

Direct connection via IP Transit global network spanning the world. Heficed Connect provides up to 100 Bbps of blended traffic through resilient connectivity, utilizing our own BGP solution directly to the internet and through multiple Tier-1 ISP providers.

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Tier 1 Blended Traffic

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BGP Management

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Software Defined Network

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