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Virtual private servers, abbreviated to VPS, also known as virtual dedicated servers (VDS), are excellent platforms for a complete cross-section of our client base. Ecommerce stores, small to medium enterprises, and even personal websites.


Flexible Resource Allocation

Kronos platform provides our clients with a virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world. Built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisors with a choice of operating systems, RAM, CPU, disk space, and global location, managing your server as though it was on-premise is effortless.

The KVM technology employed by our Kronos platform allows for immense flexibility when it comes to sudden demand and instant scalability requirements. Our hypervisor solution arranges instant sharing of under-utilized resources from other VPS within the bare metal stack allowing our clients to temporarily ‘borrow’ the extra power when unexpected surges in site traffic occur.


Root Access Allows Configuration Options

VPS is an excellent solution if your website has exceeded the resources granted on a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is not conducive when running many high-traffic websites, and dedicated on-premise servers require significant technical and financial investments.

Kronos Cloud VPS hosting offers a cost-effective option that gives excellent flexibility with full root access, providing software engineers scope for further configuration and development. Install and delete software, create accounts, set permissions, and determine customized server environments without the need for dedicated on-premise servers with their hefty price tag.

Kronos Cloud is an excellent VPS hosting platform for development and testing websites. Simultaneously running VPS’s for testing and live sites allows for safe software updates, debugs, and significant changes within a secure environment without the need for two physical servers.

Safely debug software, install significant changes and software updates in a secure environment without harming live sites. Backups and data storage is also well-suited to the VPS arrangement. Switching between virtual servers enables website visibility to be maintained while undergoing comprehensive development work.


Scalability & Support

VPS hosting offers true scalability without imposing substantial financial commitments. Resources can grow viably in-line with your organization’s strategic plans until traffic dictates that a dedicated server is required. Proto Compute platform provides the next stage of development in server power.

Furthermore, we support the Kronos Cloud platform, so clients do not have to worry about server security and maintenance. We maintain the hardware and the infrastructure, enabling organizations, big or small, to concentrate on their core business and reduce their product or service time-to-market.

Kronos Cloud Pricing _

Explore Heficed plans and pricing for IP addresses, Kronos Cloud, and Proto Compute dedicated servers.

VPS Hosting Implementation Through Heficed Terminal _

The Kronos VPS implementation is through our Terminal dashboard. All of our platforms reside under this one user-friendly dashboard and are entirely API driven.


Our Terminal product, engineered to provide automated and fast provisioning of all of our solutions, gives users of our Kronos VPS hosting the ability to create a global network presence quickly and effortlessly.

Kronos Cloud allows users to set up backup schedules and templates that include the choice of global data center location, Linux or Windows operating system with additional options that include CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Unbuntu.

Additionally, connect your VPS hosting to our IP Address Market with a choice of IPv4 and IPv6 ready to lease.

There are no setup charges or minimum term contracts to consider with Kronos Cloud VPS.

Every one of Heficed’s data-center locations has a minimum of two Tier 1 ISP’s and one local exchange point, so your VPS Hosting has uninterrupted network availability.

We employ Supermicro server systems that provide outstanding hosting conditions for VPS, and KVM hypervisors with connections to Ceph software-defined storage. With a combination of NVMe cards, SSD and HDD, our solutions provide organizations with a diverse choice of operating systems and unparalleled productivity when it comes to hot and cold storage demands.

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Deploy IPv4 on Heficed Infrastructure Stack _

Effortlessly scale your worldwide operations on a single platform that offers global choices in subnets, powerful cloud servers, and bare-metal cloud.

Proto Compute


Proto Compute, our stable, secure Bare-Metal Cloud offering is a single tenancy, fully customizable, and auto-provisioning. Through our infrastructure stack interconnect with blacklist free IP addresses via our world-leading IP Address Market.

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10 Minutes Provisioning

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10 Global Locations

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Custom Configuraton

Kronos Cloud

KVM Hypervisor

A virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world. Built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisor with a choice of operating systems and custom automation, manage your server as though it was in your own premise.

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Highly Scalable

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Software Defined Storage

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IPv6 Ready!

Heficed Connect

IP Transit

Direct connection via IP Transit global network spanning the world. Heficed Connect provides up to 100 Bbps of blended traffic through resilient connectivity, utilizing our own BGP solution directly to the internet and through multiple Tier-1 ISP providers.

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Tier 1 Blended Traffic

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BGP Management

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Software Defined Network

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