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Host1Plus Partners with Halon Security to Increase Email Protection

Host1Plus Partners with Halon Security to Increase Email Protection

Host1Plus and Halon Security have announced the implementation of Halon Email Gateway software, increasing email security at Host1Plus.

The international hosting provider Host1Plus and Halon Security, a leading provider of email delivery and security platform, have announced their collaboration for the implementation of Halon Email Gateway, preventing the spread of email-borne threats and extending the protection of Host1Plus users.

“At Host1Plus, customer safety is handled with great concern. Due to a growing amount of threats, our main focus is to maintain and preserve the security of our users. As Halon Security has shown great results in their work with other companies, the decision to embrace their email security solutions for our security needs came naturally,” – claims Andrius Kazlauskas, the co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus.

Halon Email Gateway enables Host1Plus to implement new technical functionalities, which will have a positive effect on the Host1plus environment and therefore increase email security for overall operations.

“Halon Security’s main concern is to make sure we deliver what we promise – flawless technology for complex environments. We are honored to support Host1Plus and to help them secure their users”, says Jonas Falck, CEO at Halon Security Inc.

“As recent reports have shown, there is a significant yearly growth in email-borne malware with comprised hyperlinks that reference malicious code. This is a clear indication that cyber-criminals are not planning to stop using emails as one of the biggest vectors of attacks. What we can do in return is to enforce our own security policies with correct tools to make sure we can act quickly and without compromise when these attacks occur”, Jonas Falck continues.

Currently, Halon Email Gateway software is being implemented in all Host1Plus locations. The implementation is supposed to be finished by the end of the month.

Halon Security is a leading provider of in- and outbound email routing, filtering, and anti-spam technology for Hosting and Service Providers. The Halon platform consolidates business-critical functionalities for complex environments with its flexibility, through advanced scripting capabilities and powerful open API’s.

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