Automated Network Infrastructure Engineering Platform

Access multiple IP addresses, deploy cloud and dedicated servers in all continents. _

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IP Solutions

Effective IP resource availability and management _

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Switch (IP address management)

Geo-located, reliable and instantly available IP address blocks to bring your business the highest levels of performance.

Infrastructure as a Service

Scalable solutions meeting enterprise needs _

Infrastructure solutions _

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Kronos Cloud

Easily scalable virtual machines, running with multiple IP addresses. Empowering you with compute and IP address resources, available at any time.
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Proto Compute

Dedicated servers are customized for the most demanding businesses. Powerful bare metal powered with IP address pool, stability, and data security.
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Heficed global locations

Reach clients round the globle at top-tier, ISO certified data centers. Heficed offer unique locations in Johanesburg and Sao Paulo as well as number of locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Asia Pacific

Trusted by _

Solutions by industry
Leverage Heficed’s 10 years of experience in IPs, infrastructure and network. Built for the VPN, cybersecurity, hosting, and business intelligence industries _

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High performing infrastructure and IPs

Business Intelligence

Reliable and instantly available IP blocks and infrastructure, bringing highest performance for Business Intelligence industry customers‘ enterprise processes and data analysis.
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Heficed partner network

Hosting providers

Heficed empowers partners to scale up and get revenue by reselling white-labeled infrastructure and IP solutions.
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Reach your clients in exotic locations

VPN & Cyber security

Impeccable connection speed and secure infrastructure, fully cover all your VPN business needs.

Our Partners

High performance and technical expertise standards enable us to build solid business partnerships _

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"Heficed has done a great job finding ways to offer innovative solutions that drive efficiency both for its business and its customers. Our companies share core values that center around customer service and innovation. We are proud to partner with Heficed to support its growth."

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George Karidis
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"I would recommend Heficed as professionals, who are serious about business and committed to delivering results. They will always accept feedback and this is the most important thing when it comes to partnership."

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Peter Friedenfeld
Senior Director
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"Current communication provides a good insight into the relationship between Cogent and Heficed, a relationship we believe will continue to be fruitful. We see Heficed as a reliable partner that we would absolutely recommend without any doubt."

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Ilina Laleva
Global Account Manager
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"We strongly recommend Heficed as an infrastructure services provider and vouch for their ability to stand by their commitments. We wish for many more projects to work on together, and we will remain dedicated to developing a successful and rewarding partnership that benefits our clients."

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Judd Lindvall
Business Development Manager
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"Heficed is a growing company well run by an enthusiastic team. It is always interested in progress and never stands still. They have built a reliable value for money and comprehensive service that is modern and being constantly updated."

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Nick Winters
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"After working with Heficed, we would recommend them as a reliable service provider. The consistency of Heficed operation delivers the confidence to know that customer’s objectives and expectations will be met."

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Chris Rechtsteiner
Vice president
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