Full-Suite Infrastructure Platform

Heficed empowers effortlessly scale worldwide with IP addresses, virtual servers, and bare metal under one platform. _

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IP Address Lease and Management

Lease, manage and monetize IP addresses without any hassle _


IP Address Market (Lease & Monetize)

IPv4 lease marketplace that helps to monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem.


Subnet /24 from:


Listed IP addresses:


Infrastructure as a Service

Scalable infrastructure meeting enterprise needs _


Kronos Cloud (Virtual Servers)

Kronos Cloud empowers you with the compute and IP resources right when you need them.



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Proto Compute (Bare-Metal)

Designed for the most demanding businesses, requiring high performance, IP pool, stability, and data security.





Kronos Cloud, virtual machines

Heficed Global Data Center Locations _

Reach clients around the globe at top-tier, ISO certified data centers. Heficed offers unique locations in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo, as well as several of locations in North America and Europe.

Global Heficed Infrastructure Locations _

Egde Locations Full-Suite Locations
Hong Kong, HKSAR