IP Transit and BGP Solutions

Up to 10 Gbps of blended traffic and safe connection through major ISPs across Heficed’s global PoPs.

High Performance Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Support
  • Low Latency Network
  • 99.99% Network Uptime
  • BGP Communities
  • 9 Data Center Locations
  • Full API Access
  • DDoS Protection (Coming Soon!)
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SLA 99.99%

Handle the most critical operations with ease – determine the technical support level and service efficiency with 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical support.

Blended Tier 1 Traffic

Heficed’s blended IP Transit service is supported by resilient and consistent BGP connectivity directly to the Internet and multiple Tier 1 ISP provider connections.


Exchange Internet traffic and greatly reduce peering expenses with Heficed’s IP Transit. Our direct peering ensures low latency and enhanced speed and reliability.

BGP Management

Heficed’s BGP Management solution helps you scale your businesses and operations worldwide using one platform. Grow by relocating IP space throughout the network.

IP Transit Manage Traffic

Key IP Transit Features 

  • SLA guarantees 99.99% packet delivery
  • Global packet loss less than 1%
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Uplinks with a minimum of two Tier 1 providers
  • Highly resilient network infrastructure
  • Access to local Internet exchanges
  • Connectivity between our PoPs
  • Flexible X-Connects from 1G up to 100G
  • Enterprise Juniper network equipment
  • BGP or static routing configuration

IP Transit price starts from $1/TB,
use it with our scalable infrastructure

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Cloud Hosting provides you with compute and IP resources right when you need them.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal

Designed for demanding businesses that require high performance, stability & data security.

IP Address Market

Heficed’s IP marketplace helps you monetize unused IPs and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem.

Extensive Peering Relationships

Exchange Internet traffic and reduce settlement expenses with extensive peering relationships in Chicago, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and more. Scale your business across South and North America, Africa and Europe.

Blended Bandwidth

Enjoy seamless provisioning by leasing additional IP addresses or utilizing Heficed’s infrastructure stack. Automated reduction provisioning is available via our IP address management platform along with rDNS implementation.

BGP Management

BGP Management

Internet ASNs and BGP cannot live without each other. Without either, routing network traffic around the globe is simply impossible.

Engineering resources are used to ensure that efficient routing of traffic negates instabilities and loss of business. Uninterrupted network availability has always required extensive effort from network engineers.

Businesses and organizations continue to gather and analyze more and more data, which creates more hurdles for network engineers as well.

Global Locations

Heficed’s secure, environmentally-controlled Tier 3 data centers ensure top-quality performance and accessibility to the major business areas around the globe.

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