Cloud Servers: Virtual Machines with Full KVM Virtualization

Easily manage, scale and run cloud servers with multiple IP addresses.

High Performance Infrastructure
  • 6 Global Data Center Locations
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to +2.3M IPv4 Addresses
  • Full API Access
  • DDoS Protection (Coming Soon!)
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Linux Cloud Servers

$5.00/mo* $0.03/hr

* VAT not included

Use your desired Linux distribution via Custom ISO or choose from a variety of pre-installed templates and apps. Experience full root access, compile and run any kernel you wish.

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Windows Cloud Servers

$25.00/mo* $0.08/hr

* VAT not included

Use Microsoft Windows Server products on our Enterprise Cloud and benefit from a selection of pre-installed templates and apps, configure and automate processes via API.

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A cloud server is a virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world 

Up to 2048 IPs

Heficed’s infrastructure is interconnected with blocklists to ensure IP reputation.
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KVM Virtualization

Built on top of an optimized open-source KVM hypervisor and equipped with full automation.
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Floating IPs

Assign floating IPs to servers and instantly remap between other servers in the same data center.
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Full Root Access

Choose your operating system, remotely control and manage your server like a dedicated server.
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Built on Intel® Core© Processors

Scalable Processors, a balanced architecture that delivers built-in AI acceleration and advanced security capabilities, which allow you to place your workloads securely where they perform best – from edge to cloud.

Key Features

Access your cloud server via the Terminal Control Panel

  • High scalability
  • Multiple IPv4 addresses
  • 10G network
  • IPv6 enabled
  • Pre-installed custom ISO
  • Powerful API
  • Self-managed rDNS control
  • DNS management
  • VNC console
  • Live stats
  • Auto backups
  • Rescue mode

Decrease Latency Issues

Experience faster load times and better management of traffic spikes. Cloud servers are designed to handle high-volume, high-velocity data, enabling you to continue mission-critical operations without interruptions. Apart from the fact that bare metal servers are for your exclusive use, their resources are not consumed by a cloud OS, ensuring optimal performance 24/7.

Execute I/O-Heavy Functions

You can run data-intensive workloads and applications using high performance levels because your sites are not weighed down by other users. Cloud servers also provide more extensive services than dedicated servers. With a bare metal server, your organization has the freedom to install VMs that are tailored to your enterprise network.

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