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Heficed’s brand was built strategically to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers.




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We strive to be different

Heficed brand

13 Years in Business

Founded in 2008, Heficed was built strategically to change the way companies and government organizations order, lease, deploy IP addresses, and manage their network and infrastructure stack.

90,000+ Customers

We work to help our customers reach success by providing them with high-quality, reliable and secure services from day one.

75+ Industries

As we open doors to major business areas around the world, we strive to be trusted and accessible on a global scale.

Bare Metal Servers in 9 Locations

Our fully customizable architecture of dedicated servers meets the requirements of individual businesses and their workloads.

Cloud Infrastructure in 6 Locations

Our cloud infrastructure is built on top of an optimized open-source KVM hypervisor and equipped with full automation.

IP Transit Solutions in 9 Locations

Up to 10 Gbps of blended traffic and safe connection available through top ISPs across Heficed’s global PoPs.

Access to 2.3 Million IP Addresses

Heficed’s IPv4 lease marketplace helps monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the global IPv4 shortage problem.

Our values

Reliable Services

Reliable Services

We provide reliable and powerful infrastructure in our global strategic locations. Scale your business while we ensure industry-leading performance at all times.



We strive to have a customer-first service culture at all times. We put the customer first at the center of everything that we do. We listen, we solve, and we deliver results.

About Us

Long-Term Connections

We are not interested in temporary, surface-level partnerships. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by providing a personalized customer experience.

Heficed’s vision is to become the number one online platform for network infrastructure. Powerful solutions to scale and support the growth of businesses around the globe.
Vincentas Grinius
CEO & Founder